Official website of Australian Communications and Media Authority 26 Gauge 14 Group meeting – allocate and assign subtopic among group members Outline (subtopics) of the research privacy rights in online environment and related Australian laws National security, ASIA and its role & responsibility 2. 3. National Security Legislation Amendment Bill (No-I) 2014 and Data Retention Scheme 4. Arguments and criticisms for the proposed laws 5. Similar issues in other countries, cases, and further discussions

Only one subtopic for each group member Subtopic 1 – Wing He Subtopic 2 – Youngish Ghana Subtopic 3 – Zamia Faze Subtopic 4 – Pillar Opinion Subtopic 5 – Jingling Song 3 seep 14 Short discussion & Legislation search National Security Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 1) 2014 Zamia, Pillar Useful source found: Austral Identify main area of criticisms…. Expanded definition of computer More disruption power & ability to access 3rd party’s co imputer Data retention scheme 5 seep 14 Short discussion – featured content of subtopic 5 CLC

Similar internet privacy issues in other countries Jingling, Pillar Useful article found ‘The NSA is turning the internet into a total surveillance system’, Abed, A. And Toomey p. , disregarding. Com , 11 August 2013 7 seep 14 9 seep 14 26 seep 14 Gathering list of references from all subtopics Pillar, Jingo Eng Cases and examples related to the privacy law in Australia.