Brown, project manger from: approval candy & knit Mali, assistant project manager us object: nightingale project date: The purpose Of writing this memo is to State the critical factors and activities which pose a threat for the completion of Nightingale Project on time. In order to present 30 working models of the hand held electronic medical reference guide for the Medico, the project should get over by 25th October. But as per the scheduled activities, it will get over by 19th December introducing a lag of 46 working days.

The critical activities due to the project is not able to meet its deadline are: Task Name Duration Architectural decisions 10 days Feature specifications 15 days Database 40 days Review design integration 1 5 days Procure prototype components 20 days Assemble prototypes Lab test prototypes Field test prototypes Adjust design Order stock parts Assemble first production unit Test unit Produce 30 units Train sales representatives From the above stated activities, Database, Reviewing design, doing lab tests and field tests on prototypes are some activities on which if time allotment is educed can bring the schedule on time.

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Moreover, keeping the first mover’s advantage into consideration, instead of creating 30 units, the project can be inclined to create 5 units for display in the trade show and then manufacture the devices as per the orders after Medico. The network is insensitive because of the following reasons, Firstly, the constant critical path is unlikely to change within the course duration of project under normal circumstances. Secondly, only one critical path automatically reduces the sensitivity of the network.