Metric Vs Customary

The Metric and the Customary systems are two of the most commonly used s yester of measurements . In the united States we use the customary units which include e feet, Fahrenheit, pounds, and much more while the rest of the world uses the Metric system w which includes meters, Celsius, and liters. The United States, Manner, and Liberia are the on lay countries that do not use the metric system as the official system of measurement but inset ad uses the U.

S Customary system. While the U. S system has its pros, such as being very price e, there are many reasons why the rest of the works do not use this system of measurement. The e remaining countries that use the customary system of measurement should be using the e Metric system of measurement as it is easier to convert and because most of the world is using it so there would be no need for conversions. The Metric System, which most of the world uses has many things that make it better for use than the U. S Customary’ system.

There a re literally hundreds more. For measuring volume or bulk alone, the English system (no w more accurately called the American system) uses ounces, pints, quarts, gallons, barrels and b shell, among many others. In the metric system, on the other there is only one basic unit of r each type hand, Of quantity. ” In metric system there is just one name and you just add prefixes lie e Cents, Mill, Kilo and more to increase or decrease the units simply. The Metric system is a much better alternative to the U.

S Customary system. The US Customary system has too many formulas to memorize, and consumes too m ouch time to convert. The Metric system is a far simpler, easier system of measurement than the cue stomata system of measurement. Also, almost 99 percent of the world uses the Metric system so there is no real point for the United States, Liberia, and Manner not to switch to the Metric System.