Milgram Experiment

Critical Thinking Stanley Amalgam Experiment I feel the reason the Amalgam Experiment subjects were lacking the moral and critical thinking of how they reacted to the experiment was a multitude of things such as. The subjects felt they had to because they were being told to by “people of authority’ They also felt that since they were participating in the experiment and they were only doing “as told” then they were okay to proceed. Some also stated that do to the trust they had for the school and the prestige it represented it also made it harder to say o no.

In today’s world confronting authority is almost easier said then done. People have come to understand you don’t have to do things Just because someone tells you of higher or wealthier standards. If I was imposed with having to teach people to confront authority, I would ask most of them who they considered to be an authority to them. Mothers/Fathers/Teachers even Law officers may be considered among those someone may consider. When doing so I would suggest that it be done tactfully and without any personal reason, Have a moral reason why they should.

Have even a educational reason why they should. They should start by identifying the subject along with there path of how to approach them. When these steps are filled then have a completed reasoning and well spoken thought prepared. When they take that step of confrontation be ready to stand by your standards and your idea of why they are confronting them. When all is said and done. Don’t give in even if you feel you didn’t win the confrontation or even get your point across. The whole idea of the confronting them was met and they reached there goal.

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