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I understand that if am suspected of plagiarism or another form of heating my work will be referred to the Academic Registrar/ or the Board of Examiners, which may result in me being expelled from the program. Signed: Date Submitted: 15 Feb. 2015 National University of Ireland, Dublin Bachelor of Science (Marketing) Intake 46 Group: (C) Module: Management of Organization Essay Title: DB’S Bank Diversity Workforce Submitted by: Au Wee Jinn Student Number: 14208680 Lecturer: Boron Russell Submission Date: 15 Feb. 2015 Word Count: 944 Workforce diversity consist a workforce of men and women, different ethnics groups and racial culture.

This is one of the most important challenges faced y organizations. Managing this diversity is a global approach as most organization is going through globalization. The company that am working in is DB’S Bank Ltd. DB’S Bank is a bank based in Singapore. DB’S Bank is one of the largest banks in Southeast Asia. Having 6 regional offices from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, India, Indonesia and not forgetting Singapore itself. In Asia, gender diversity, race and culture diversity is common and usual in organizations. In gender diversity, there are many debates, misconceptions and unsupported opinions on whether women can perform as well as men o.

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Usually due to the physique between men and women, people perception on jobs which requires strength or physical movement, like store man, engineering or authority management stance, men would be in better position to handle the job. However, most of the time, women tend to perform as well as men in this area of field. In race and culture diversity, it is very common in many countries as many organizations are willing to hire employees from different countries to join their pool because of their specializations and skills.

However, due to different race and culture ethnics, employees might not blend in well or work with local employee well because of different backgrounds, different practices, different religions and might even be different language. Having so many offices, DB’S has a total of approximately 1 8,000 employees in Singapore office. And women took up more than 50% of the total workforce of DB’S Bank. Organizations tend to side the male counterpart, as they are more committed in terms of working schedule and working hours. As woman will need to take a break when they start a family especially during pregnancy.

They will need to apply to go on leave for check ups and consultation, which eight affect the work that they are tasked. In addition, when they have a infant at home, they will be bound to be responsible to the well-being of the kid in terms of whether the child is sick or the child is taking a key exams and they will need to be away to take care of the matters. Whereas comparing to a man, they will only be away for their National Service liability and the rest of the days will be focusing on their jobs. Hence organizations will tend to avoid hiring a lady employee than a male employee. This causes gender diversify in the organization.

However in DB’S Bank, they strongly believe that everyone as an equal chance and they practices gender equalities. Gender equalities is achieved when people of different genders access to the same resources and enjoys the same rewards and benefits. Hence in DB’S Bank, all staffs enjoy the same benefits and get the same reward during appraisal. DB’S Bank also provides fair and justice equalities. Out of the 50% of women employees, one third is in the management level. And out of 1 9 senior leaders, six is women. This could greatly show that DB’S Bank values women the same as men, hence creating gender equality in the organization.

In addition, DB’S Bank also offers flexible work initiatives to make the organization a family- friendly work environment. In DB’S Bank, they strongly believe that the diversity in the workforce, in terms of nationality, culture and background is a source of strength. In my department itself, we have colleagues all from different nationality. The head of my team is from Turkey, and my colleagues vary from Pakistan, India, China and Vietnam. This shows how diversify my team is. What my team manager does to support this diversity is to gather everyone together during lunchtime and goes as a team.

During lunch, we’ll talk about what their background are and some fun facts of their Country. Occasionally, the bank also organizes some events to bring all staff together for an event like DB’S Marina Regatta also know as the Dragon boat competition event, Singapore biggest water sports festival. Its was collaborated with the theme Family Day which all the staffs brings their family to the event and enjoy, at the same time meeting colleagues and letting their family to know of their colleagues. This creates a bonding between colleagues and assists them to work together more cohesively.

As mentioned in an interview with Head of Human Resource, Ms Theresa Papua, she states that: “Having employees from different backgrounds and disciplines helps ensure that as an organization, we have a multiplicity of views and perspectives, which is helpful in preventing grouping. “. We could see from here that DB’S Bank is keen and accepting the diversity in the workforce and it will only benefit them and creating a cohesive environment. This will keep the employees to be motivated and committed to contribute to the organization. Having workforce diversity requires lots of attention and planning.

Although al suggestions to implement are expensive and hard to maintain, DB’S Bank forge themselves to create this holistic working environment. In conclusion, we can see that DB’S Bank is committed to retain and attract talents by offering gender equalities as mentioned in the report earlier by offering same remuneration and benefits package to both men and women. Also, DB’S Bank often organizes events to bring employees together for bonding fostering a closer and effective relationship which benefit the organization to go over an extra miles because when they are closer, race and culture difference will subside and allows them to work better.