Money over more

There was certainly a lot to do and see while I was there. There were merchant tents all set up along the open grass area outside of Crown Center. I met a couple who had traveled from Ireland in Dublin to attend the festival to sell traditional Irish cutlery. They said that they will travel to Kansas City for the festival and pay for all their travel expenses through what they are able to ell.

So then they are able to have a vacation through their travel and selling. Near the open grass area with the merchant tents there was a main stage set up with a regular entertainment schedule. While I was there I was able to see parts of three acts. The first was Eddie Tideland. He was a bit older and had immigrated to the US from Ireland over 20 years prior. He was a solo singer, song writer playing traditional Irish ballads as well as some of his own songs. A good bit of his original music was directed to the trials of the working class. The second act I saw was Seams Kennedy.

Seams was also a solo singer, song writer who had come from Belfast Northern Ireland. I was interested in that because one of my favorite writers, C. S. Lewis grew up in Belfast. Seams was a big personality on stage and would often make the crowd interact with his songs. The third and final group I saw was called the Drill School of Irish Dance. I am not sure where the group was from, whether they were local or came from Ireland as well. They were a wonderful dance group who used steps from traditional Irish dance but also incorporated a lot of different modern choreography as well.

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