Morality Essay

In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain depicts the flaws of the American dream through the immoral actions of a scaled religious society . The Great Gatsby depicts the corruption of the American dream through the greed and relatively careless lifestyle of the rich and pope ruff. The Crucible conveys the corruption of the American dream through the Salem witch trials. The idea of the American dream is corrupted because of the hypocrisy and carelessness of p people in society.

In the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn the idea of the American dream is rejected by Mark Twain through his criticism of hypocrisy religious people in society. Ms. Watson is Husks adoptive mom, she tries to civilize and teach him how to be a moral person in society. Mark Twain uses Ms. Watson as a symbol of how society has corrupted the America n dream through their hypocrisy as Ms. Watson tries to make heck a moral and religious peers n even though she herself is immoral for owning slaves. Ms.

Watson symbolizes the hypocrisy of religion in society because religious people will say and preach one thing in church and to other s, but in reality they Ryan Wandered are just as immoral as the rest of society. Hypocrisy of religion causes society o become corrupt because the religious people that are supposed to be moral are just as memoir al as everyone else and they interfere with other people’s ability to achieve the American dream. The Great Gatsby presents to the reader this idea that the greed and careless lifestyle of the rich is the manifestation of a corrupted and twisted version of the America an dream.

The American dream brings the hope of making a better life for yourself, but Fifth realer argues in his novel The Great Gatsby that the American dream is out of the grasp of poor people and that no tater how hard they try they will always be the victim of the careless rich pee people that are born into the American dream. Fitzgerald conveys his idea that the American dread m has been corrupted is through his symbolism of the green light that Gatsby tries so hard d to grasp and no matter how fast he runs or how far he reaches out he is never able to grasp t he light.

The green light that Gatsby is so desperately trying to grab symbolizes the American drew am and Gatsby symbolizes the poor or average person that tries and tries to achieve this goal butt in the end they ever succeed in achieving the American dream. Fitzgerald shows that the Am Rican dream is corrupt because of its elusiveness to average men and women and the only p people who are able to enjoy the American dream are born into it. The careless and greedy lifestyle brought about by the American dream is anon there reason that Fitzgerald points out to show the corruption of the American dream in an immoral society.

Fitzgerald shows the carelessness of the wealthy when daisy runs over Myrtle and she doesn’t stop to see if she is k and she puts the blame on Gatsby which ends up Getty g him killed. Nick Caraway describes Daisy and Tom as ” They were careless people, Tom and Daisy – they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money o r their vast Ryan Wandered carelessness, or whatever it was that kept them together and let other people clean up the mess they had made. (136) Tom and Daisy’s careless lifestyle created turmoil for Renee around them; Gatsby, Myrtle, and Mr.. Wilson were all negatively affected by Tom and Dais and in the end they just disappeared leaving behind a mess for someone else to clean u p. The Crucible y Arthur Miller uses the Salem witch trials to show how government can corrupt the American dream by punishing innocent people without a fair trial.

Arthur Miller points out how the Salem witch trials were in a way happening all over again during the red scare, people were being accused Of communism and being thrown in jail if the eye didn’t disclose information on another communist supporter whether or not they were one. The Salem witch trials were a symbol for how government corruption creates a moral decay in society, which allows the kind of atrocities that were seen during the Salem witch trials. Mille conveys to the reader that the theme that American dream becomes corrupted when govern meant enforces pointless and immoral laws that restrict a person’s freedom.

Although the concept of the American dream may be pure these American no velvets have portrayed it as corrupt because of how it actually plays out in society. Mark T wan argues that religion is hypocritical of an immoral society, causing the American dream to become corrupt. The Great Gatsby ‘s message of the American dream is that it is a lie and that it is a false hope that people strive to attain but is always out of reach and will not ever be grass De by those who are not born into.