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Most people would believe that humans have always been the dominant species on this planet, but it was actually 70,000 years ago when Homo Sapiens really started to separate themselves from the other human species. What allowed Homo Sapiens to excel in survival compared to other mankind? The answer to that is collaboration and communication. What made Homo Sapiens so different is that we could collaborate, create, and believe things that would have no value if we didn’t say so. Our imagination allows us to believe things that other species can’t. The subtle yet profound change that happened in the brain thousands of years ago, was the key reason to why modern humans have become so successful.Through the centuries, our lives have become more and more dependent on networks of cooperation. During the foraging era, humans needed to know a substantial amount about everything. There weren’t any people specializing in certain tasks, so everyone needed to partake in all responsibilities. Today, we rely on others to farm our vegetables, make our clothes, maintain the power grid, and all we have to do is pay an amount while we focus on our own specialized skills. “Such cooperation was one of the important trademarks of Homo Sapiens, and gave it a crucial edge over other human species” (Harari, p. 46). Not only do humans use cooperation to complete a tremendous amount of tasks, but we use cooperation to create new realities. A commonly used example is money. Humans all collectively believe that a 2 by 6 inch piece of material would be used to control the way we sell, buy, and trade goods. Without a form of currency, there would be no way for us to obtain everyday needs and specialize in our individual contribution. In a 2015 interview, Harari said, “money is probably the most successful story ever told.” If nobody believed that we needed a mutual way to put a value on items and specialized skills, it’s hard to imagine what a world without money would look like. “You could never convince a monkey to give you a banana by promising him limitless bananas after death in monkey heaven” (Harari, p. 24). What makes humans special, is that we can understand the concept of money and why we need it, but if you tried telling this to another species, they wouldn’t understand.Knowing that we keep becoming more dependent on concepts versus facts and real life entities, what does this say about our future? How much of the world will be, “real”? There are so many things that are already concepts, like the government (r.i.p.), education, and money. We wouldn’t have any of it if the evolutionary change in our brains never happened. We rely on collaboration to the extent of our very survival. Though our imaginations helped us out live the other human species, it could just as well be the thing that rids us.