Motivational Action Plan Paper

All employees are motivated in different ways; by analyzing the surveys that the 3 employees filled out Ordain Manufacturing can work with the employee’s strengths. This will create a better working environment for everyone as well as a company that runs more smoothly. Given the results Of each employee’s survey it is now known what the proper steps will be for each employee to be motivated further at work. How to motivate each employee

Since Darlene is such a great worker she will need a motivational plan that involves making sure she knows what is expected of her. The expectancy theory will be used; According to Robbins & Judge (2013), this will include praising Darlene when she follows through with the goals set out for her. It will be necessary to give her clear goals and then give her the recognition when she accomplished those goals. The focus with Patricia will be on her decision making skills and ensuring that she makes well informed thought out decisions that positively affect the company.

In the past Patricia has mainly been rewarded and her mistakes have almost gone completely unacknowledged. This has caused her to be careless with her decision making. As the cognitive evaluation theory states, if she is constantly given extrinsic rewards she will feel less intrinsic rewards. In order to reverse this going forward Patrician’s decisions should be analyzed and her poor decisions need to be addressed; this way she will expect a negative reaction for mistakes. In order to correct Jackass’s dislike for her job and the company as a hole both the goal setting theory and the self-efficacy theory will be used.

Since Jackie does not have a strong desire to do her job, she will be given specific obtainable goals. When she reaches those goals she will be given praise and should then have the drive to reach her next goal. With each goal she accomplishes she will develop a sense of pride in her job. Once she realizes that she is capable of handling more than she thought possible her mood and attitude towards the company will improve. Conclusion Overall what motivates one employee may not work for another. For

Ordain Manufacturing it is now known what can be done to help the 3 employees gain a better position within the company; this will include both their mental feelings towards the company as well as their performances in their jobs. Once these 3 employees are given the tools to be motivated at their jobs this positive attitude will flow throughout the entire company creating a better working environment.