MR 5.1 & 5.2

MR Credit 5.1

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Regional Materials

20% Manufacturered Regionally

Use materials within 500 miles of project site that constitutes 20% of the total value of the construction and furniture budget


MR 5.1



Use a minimum of 20% of the combined value of construction and Division 12 materials and products that are manufactured regionally within a radius fo 500 miles.

MR 5.2

Regional Materials

10% Extracted and Manufactured Regionally

20% of materials should be manufactured within 500  miles and 10% of materials hsould be extracted within 500 miles of the project site as a percentage of the total value of the construction and furniture budget (extracted items can be salvaged items.


Material values used in MR Credits 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 4.1,4.2, 6 and 7 may
also be used in these credits

Mechanical and electrical system components are:

not included in this credit calculation
________ products however may be included at the discretion of the project team.  If ____ products are included for this credit, they must also be included in the denominator for MR Credit 4, Recycled Content.
Regionally Manufactured Materials
for us in this credit, must be assembled as a finished product within a 500 mile radius of the project site.  Assembly, as used for this credit definition, does not include on-site assembly, erection or installation of finished components, as in structural steel, miscellaneous iron or systems furniture.
Reginally Extracted Materials
for use in this credit, must have thei source as a raw material from within a 500 mile radius from the project site.