MR 7

MR 7

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Certified Wood

Use certified wood products for 50% of wood used in the project(manufacturer certifies packaged products and vendor certifies unpackaged products)


Certified Wood Requirements
When using NEW wood-based products and materials, use a minimum of 50% that are certified in accordance with the FSC’s Principles and Crititeria.; Div 12 material value is included in the determination of the certified wood content.
Forest Stewardship Council _______ certificate number.
The calculation for certified wood shall exclude the value of any ____________ of a product that qualifies to be counted under Credit 4, Recycled Content Materials.
post-consumer recycled wood fiber content
Recycled and salged wood contenet is subtracted so as not to conflict with the intent of other _____________.
LEED MR Credits
is a document that tracks the movement of a wood product from; the forest to a vendor and is used to verify compliance with FSC guidelines. A ;vendor; is defined as the company that supplies wood products to project contractors or subcontractors for on-site installation.
Sustainable Forestry
is the practice of managing forest resources to meet the long-term forest product needs of humans while maintaining the biodiversity of forested landscapes.; The primary goal is to restore, enhance and sustain a full range of frorest values- economic, social and ecological..