MR Credit 2.1 & 2.2

MR 2.1

Construction Waste Management:

Divert from Landfill

Recycle/salvage at least 50% of construction waste by weight or volume 



MR 2.2

Construction Waste Management:

Diverst from Landfill

Recycle/Salvage at least 75% of construction waste by weight or volume



Construction and demolition debris
includes waste and recyclables generated from construction, renovation, and demolition or deconstruction of pre-existing structures.
is the collection, reprocessing, marketing and use of materials that were diverted or recovered from the solid waste stream
is a strategy to return materials to active use in the same or realted capacity
Tipping Fees
are fees charged by a landfill for disposal of waste volumes.  The fee is typically quoted for one ton of waste