MR Prereq 1

MR Prereq 1Storage & Collection of Recyclables
Provide recycling facilities (storage and pick-up) for at least paper corrugated cardboard, glass, plastics, and metals  
Regardless of the parties specifying and providing the furniture and furnishings, every _________in th project should be included in calculations for LEED CI.
Provide an easily accessible dedicated area that serves the tenant space for the collection and storage of materials for recycling including (at minimum):
paper, corrugated cardboard, glass, plastics and metals
LEED CI projects that occupy __________________ do not necessarily need to provide and outdoor collection are of one is provided to all building occupants or when the materials hauler or landlord makes pick ups within the tenant space.
less than a full building  Therefore you can use the building’s collection system already in place.
If a;___________ exists, it must be either sized;to adequately handle the full building occupancy, or the tenant will need to have their own dedicated and secure space per requirements.
common collection area
is the collection, reporocessing, marketing and use of materials that were diverted or recovered from the solid waste stream.
is a waste disposal site for the deposit of solid waste from human activities.