Anchoring on the objectives of this study, the researchers reviewed related studies that are significant for the fans active media consumption, Filipinos as active-fans, popular media content in the Philippines, and the Korean wave in Asia and Philippines. According to the New York Times, “attempts by k-pop starts to break into western markers and largely failed prior to the proliferation of global networks. “However, k-pop artists are now going more international exposure through social networks much as Youth, Backbone,

And ;titer, making it easier for them to reach a winder audience. Because of the popularity of k-pop group and artists, k-pop fantod among Filipino teens become widespread, they influenced most of the Filipino teens days with funky hair style (and those huge and that almost cover their faces), fashionable clothes, trendy shoes, coal eyeliners, eccentric shades and the bangs flip trademarks. Filipino teens imitate how their Idols look, how they move act and everything that his/her k-pop Idol & k-pop fans imitate that too.

There is no doubt, k-pop fever is all over the Philippines, with its consistent ales of k-pop albums and concerts tickets, Filipino is definitely invaded by Korean culture. Last January 19, 201 3 more than 2,000 k-pop fans as gathered for the Dream k-pop fantasy concerts at the Mall of Asia, Filipino fans are really happy seeing their k;pop Idols performing of them LIVE. Even the Aryan main star “Ella Cruz” attends and watches the show. According to the interview about her she is a fan of k-pop Girls Generation.

We can observe teenagers Dollied nowadays that Filipino teenager Dollied artist with very fanatical, even when here is a concert or Super junior who came from Korea to Philippines for the concert, they desperately willing to see their Idol sing and not of fan of rich people who would like to see the concert, even the lower economic participate dragged to see the concert even though they are on the urge of economic incompetence. According to one of the k-pop fans she loves k-pop because of its considerable influence from west. It has the same beats and even more appeal. Onto know but I rate it the same as western music but when listening to music on my computer, out running errands or just relaxing at home, k-pop is my USIA of choice. You can say its interesting in away I guess, its fun. It has also opened the door for me to explore new artist and a new culture. And according to her also some k-pop artists have this inspiring soothing effect upon k;pop lacks in western Music. Even though you can’t understand what’s the real meaning of the song as long as the song is being sang his/he idol.

If there one thing in guilty of, its being overly critical of k-pop fans. I’ve harped on terrible Youth etiquette, their obsession with Idol’s types and their irrationals assertions that their favorite artists can do wrong. I’ve gotten into the habit of criticizing that doesn’t that don’t think k-pop fans are some of the most awesome people. I’ve encounter hell, I’m a k-pop fan myself. Infarct, I’m often time amused at how extraordinary they can be. Here are some of the best things about k-pop fan. 1) They possess the ability to mobile better and faster than any military force on the globe.

Have you ever seen one of those action movies about a small group of thieves planning out a jewel heist K-pop fans are kind of like that. When a new music video comes out, everyone knows their designated oleos. The gaffers strain their eyes trying to find the perfect GIF moment to post to Tumbler. The Woodcutters spend hours replaying the NV to up the view count. And others Max out their debit cards to buy as many copies of the album so their group can achieve and all-kill. And when one branch fails, the others step up to do the job. Its a huge elaborate system. 2) They’re vigilant about curetting and giddy when they do.

Do Almost all K-pop fans know how great it feels when someone outside of fantod genuinely likes a K-pop song that they’ve introduced to them. Getting there into K-pop (or at least into a song) is fulfilling because it not only validates the fact that K-pop is awesome, but also gives you someone to spans with. I love that fans are very particular about converting people to the groups that they love. For example, I once told a huge Ex. fan on the Osculates team that I wanted to learn a bit about Ex. and that I was going online to do research. 3) They go all out to provide subtitles for the language- challenged. M convinced that some fans have the supernatural ability to sub idol appearances before the appearances even happen. Thefts how quick they are. Without suburbs, K-pop would not be as prolific online as it is now. Without them, my K-pop, K-drama, and K-variety experience wouldn’t be half as rich. Never would have been able to fully enjoy Running Man, Swinish Broadcast, X-Man, and my favorite idols’ variety appearances. Sometimes we take suburbs for granted. In fact, there are some fans who demand that subtitles be released faster, because darn it, they can’t wait another day to find out what Changing said to Tachyon to make him giggle so hard!

But providing subtitles takes a lot of hard work and dedication. ) They re loyal. Loyalty is tough quality to find. But in K-pop, fans are solid in their loyalty. It’s why they separate themselves into different fanciful-so that they can focus their attention on the groups for whom they hold the most love. But sometimes this loyalty, though admirable, can rub people the wrong way. For example, when Teen Top’s C. A. P. Was criticized for his sexist comments about how he would treat his son and daughter in the future, many of his fans came to his defense.

Some only acknowledged that his statements were a tiny bit offensive and asserted that he’s “only human. ” And others saw nothing wrong with his comments and didn’t even want to discuss it. That kind of loyalty can drive people up the wall. Though IIOP has a good impact in the teenagers mind because they dollied, love and appreciate kop. However, K-pop has bad impacts on the Filipino teenagers, many teenagers nowadays become very lazy because k-pop. They are only care about k-pop and ignore their responsibility. Many k-popper will do a anything for their Idol.

Filipino are threatened, they are less interest as DOD and traditional clothing, they are most interest everything about Korea. Did Sand’s Tauten and tiffany recently undergo plastic surgery? Certainly, plastic surgery in South Korea, in general, has made headlines over the year, the economic as the most cosmetically enhanced population I the world. It could be more coincidence that, with the incredible rise of k-pop the plastic surgery age may be trending younger. However, no secret that k-pop as recognized not only for their music but also their physical appearance. People having plastic surgery in Korea are become younger and younger.

According to my elder sister shields she is an addict fan of reading an article about Korea facts and she told me about what is have read. According to her marks in there are encourage buy their school to get high marks in their subject and as a reward in making their grades high they will have a free plastic surgery that’s why in student Korea are studying very hard to have that reward. Issuing Shin, a 17 year-old student at the Handgun Academy of foreign studies in Young in, South Korea, said that she has seen many of her classmates get double eyelid surgery or nose jobs.

Ifs not uncommon for middle Choler’s to get eyelid surgery before going to highlights” she added. Its also common to get surgery as a high school graduation gift from their parent. She doesn’t want to have gadgets, like SSP, android, or any famous gadget as a graduation gift like whoa other girls and boys as her age wants.