Mutual Fund Synopsis

This helps to know in details about mutual fund industry eight from its inception stage, growth and future prospects. It also helps In understanding different schemes of mutual funds. My study depends upon prominent funds in India and their schemes like equity, income, balance as well as the returns associated with those schemes. The project study was done to ascertain the assets allocation, entry load, exit load, associated with the mutual funds. Ultimately this would help in understanding the benefits of mutual funds to investors Aim- The aim of the study is to know the clear picture involved in mutual funds and TTS impact on the investors who are interested in different diversified portfolios, which involves high risk and high returns. This risk analysis and investors perception on mutual fund market has given a clear idea of trading involved in relation with equities, futures and options, in comparison with other investments existing in the market. Objectives- It is necessary to specify the objective of the study.

This is because of specification of objective will enable us to study various areas and aspects with clarity. To study various investment alternatives and in particular investors preference towards mutual funds. To study the preference of investors in today’s scenario (less risk and more return). To assess the risk of investors with reference to diversified risk & non- diversified risk. To study market potentiality of mutual fund among investors. To study whether the investors are considering Barilla Sun Life a better option or not.

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A large number of studies on the growth and financial performance of mutual funds have been carried out during the past, in the developed and developing countries. Brief reviews of the following research works reveal the wealth of contributions towards the performance evaluation f mutual fund, market timing and stock selection abilities of fund managers. A. Kidder and Sings [1] (1996) carried Out a survey with an objective to understand the behavioral aspects of the investors of the North Eastern Region towards equity and Miff’s investment portfolio.

The survey revealed that the salaried and self-employed formed the major investors in MFC primarily due to tax concessions. B. Jamboree [2] (1996) conducted a study to assess the awareness of MSP among investors, to identify the information sources influencing the buying decision and the factors influencing the choice of a particular fund. The study reveals among other things that Income Schemes and Open Ended Schemes are more preferred than Growth Schemes and Close Ended Schemes during the then prevalent market conditions.

Investors look for safety of Principal, Liquidity and Capital appreciation in the order of importance; Newspapers and Magazines are the first source of information through which investors get to know about Miff’s/Schemes and investor service is a major differentiating factor in the selection of MFC Schemes. C. Restrain and Roommate [3] (2001) have conducted a study to understand the factors influencing the fund election behavior of 350 MFC investors in order to provide some meaningful inferences for Asset Management Companies (MAC) to innovative design the products.