My eating habits

Different people have various eating habits. For example four meals a day are served in Britain, their food is simply-cooked while Russians eat three times a day, eat great amounts of food and have got quite an intricate cuisine. If to speak about me have a very unusual eating habits. Sometimes I eat two times a day, but sometimes even five. Usually I haven’t got a breakfast or sometimes can eat a bun or sandwiches with coffee in a fuss or if I have more time it can be an omelet. At the university may have a luncheon.

At woo o’clock when I return to home I feel very ravenous and begin to devour all the food have in my fridge. The more the better. For dinner I usually have three courses: a starter (it can be salad or cheese) then a main course: soup, steak, chops, fried or roasted meat if it’s pork or lamb especially when it’s done to a turn, mashed potato, all this food is accompanied with a lot Of bread and seasoned with salt and pepper. If I still have room in my stomach may have a helping. Then comes a dessert: have something to drink – juice or stew fruit. After such a dinner I am full up for several hours.

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At five I may have a snack: tea and biscuits or cake, or something of the kind. Supper for me means one big meal at seven. The table groans with food again. Another problem usually comes with the beginning of the night: I feel puckish and it’s necessary to have a nightcap in order not to die of hunger. It is usually tea with marmalade. In general, I have got an unhealthy eating habits, got used to eat great amounts of food which tastes delicious but harmful and fatty and haven’t got a particular diet. For me eating is pleasure and I have never counted calories.