My ecotox references

Peakall 1994
Biological response to chemical/radiation that gives a measure of exposure at a cellular, tissue, organ, individual or population level.
Duchemin 2007
Crassostrea gigas Haemocytes are governed by seasonal cycles including gametogenesis and temp.
Auffret et al 2006
Multiparametric approach using many biomarkers to assess pollution along the coast of Italy and France. Had some success though reference sites were hard to determine.
Brown et al 2004
Biomarkers in multiple species show that Mytilus edulis is least sensitive to copper compared to Carcinus maenus and Patella vulgata.
Wootton et al 2003
Mytilus edulis are used as sentinels yet they are more resiliant then many other organsims. Cerastoderma edule for example shows greater sensitivity to the PAH phenanthrene
Moore 2004
NRD retention used in the black sea to determine areas most polluted. Lysosome membrane stability.
Shephard 1981
Fish mucous layer may not represent a barrier for ion diffusion.
Carvalho 2006
Orechromis niolticus and Danio rario show different uptake of mercury from sediment due to feeding mechanisms which in Orechromis niloticus resuspend sediments.
Dutton & Fisher 2007
Fundulus heteroclitus Cd uptake inversely related salinity. Viscera increased in Cd conc. while total levels dropped. Drinking to cope with osmoregulation.
Beland 1993
Delphinapterus leucas with lesions on ovaries possibly linked with PCB and similar substances.
Smith 2000
TBT causing imposex in dog whelks. Penis develops and block oviduct leading to infertility.
DeBoeck 2006
Cypridae more sensitive to respiratory stress than Onchorhyncus mykiss.
Brown et al 2004 HR
Carcinus maenus heart rate increases when exposed to 68.1 ug Cu Litre.
Wicks 2002
Ammonia reduces swimming speed in Onchorhyncus mykiss.
Keinanen 2000
Low pH and Al cause reduced Na uptake in pike fry. Denaturing channel proteins.
WIcks & Randall 2002
Ammonia causes reduction in feeding in Onchorhyncus mykiss.
Merrifield 2013
Silver nanoparticles disrupt normal gut microbiota causing potential damage to useful bacteria such as LABs and possibly affecting contaminant metabolism.
DeForges 2013
Vitamin A and E in Delphinapterus leucas in inversely correlated to PCB PBCE and HCB tissue levels.
Jansen 2004
Hormone sensitisation due to ingibition of histone deacetylase which would otherwise regulate ecpression of receptors.
Steinman & Trainor 2007
Nongenomic mode of action for steroids.
Kolaja 1977
Mallard shells decrease in mass with dietary DDT intake. Caused by 65% reduction in CaATPase activity.
Villanger 2011
Thyroid hormone levels inversely related to PCB in Orcinus orca. Developmental problems.
Harrisson 1999
Alligators and reproductive complications due to imbalances in hormones and affecting reproductive organs during development.
Larrson 1999
Vitellogenin in male roach. Caused by estogen in sewage.
Bamanian 2004
Dioxins induce AHR which negates the production of vitellogenin by disrupting the estrogen receptor alpha auto-regulatory transcriptional loop.