My English Semester Experience

Throughout my semester of English I have improved a lot by becoming a better writer. I have learned how to organize my ideas by planning out the key points of the article provided. I have improved on my vocabulary in a way that makes my sentences more fluent than how they used to be in LID . I have also changed some strategies like revising my own essay by reading it out loud by myself or having a partner reading it back to me because that’s a easy way to catch small errors that you eight not catch by reading it independently.

I have also increase my strategies on reading articles and finding the authors thesis as well as finding the main points that they use to support there thesis. I also learned on how authors use tone to pervasive the audience in getting there attention more towards the topic and doing above research on the topic. This made me improve my writing by adding a tone towards my essays that way I can get the readers attention and they would want to continue eating my essay.

I learned that when doing reports I should read books to find get the support to back up my thesis statement and make my thesis strong and keep my reader interested by reflecting to historical facts that might have happen in the past. I got a good understanding of how books are more detailed and have more information rather than an article. A book has a story to tell and gives more and it address the author more rather than an article that talks about a topic or event and o having to do some more outside information to back up that article and getting a better understanding of it.

A book is helpful in a lot of ways because it goes in deeper about the subject and what it wants you to know like “The Color of Water” the author refers to identity. In a book you also have much more connections to it than an article because they are long and you get to visualize what is actually happening in the book, you also get to predict what is going to happen next, which makes it interesting o continue to read to find out if your right or wrong.

In an article, you don’t get the same experience as a book. In an article is mostly a short story with a large amount of information in a brief summary. Books are a complete work of literature, and articles are parts of that work. Books are historical, where as articles are current because books take time to write, edit, and publish. The advantage that a book has is that it is the big picture rather than an article that has a narrow scope.