My Healthy Eating Plan

The first step in creating a healthy eating plan is to know what I want to get out of my diet, or more specifically, what being healthy means to me. For me, this means losing weight and maintaining a healthy state of body and mind as a person. To start, here is a quick view of my current eating habits.

I can add activities like swimming, jumping rope and some brisk walking too. I am excited to condition my heart as well as my lungs everyday for at least 30 minutes. Also, keeping a record or how often I exercise will get me intact on how many times I really exercise. We all know that it’s very easy to fool ourselves into believing that we already worked out when we don’t.

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If I keep a record of this, I would be more regular with my work out schedules in the morning. A friend of mine once told me that she uses 4 alarm clocks beside her just to wake her up in the morning to be up for her daily exercise routine, I should do this too because if I have 4 alarm clocks around me and they will all ring and make noises in the morning, in order to shut it off I need to get out of bed and walk towards my desk and turn them off. Whew!

This will surely help me a lot because I have the habit of not getting up in time for work and school. This is a great way to change my environment to help me change my waking up habits. As for my eating routine, a great way to change this is by keeping track of what I eat and when I eat by writing it down on my notepad to honestly check my nutritional intake for each day. Self-monitoring has been confirmed by four decades of scientific research to be extremely effective. And that’s what I will

precisely do.