Nail Trends

The Many Colors of Nail Polishes Nail polish is the essential trend of nearly every girl. Now a days, shelves in stores are overly abundant of nail polishes of different colors, shades, and textures. When did the “hype” of the nail trend become introduced to our society? Why did females even decide to paint their nails? There are many reasons why nails have become such a popular form of art. It has given women more ways to express themselves and adds a unique touch. There are hundreds of colors; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, etc. But there are also thousands of shades of these colors. Nail polish comes in a variety of shades.

A purple color cannot Just be a plain purple color. It can be a deep purple, a sparkling purple, or a light lavender type of purple- never Just a simple purple. Now a days, the nail industry has become very competitive with the many different brands of polishes that exist. There are affordable brands such as L’Oreal, Amiability, and Wet n’ Wild that cost around five to six dollars that are sold at drug stores. There are also higher end nail polishes such as Channel, and Dior that sell for almost twenty dollars for a bottle. They may seem overly price or extremely expensive but the quality of the color payoff is beautiful.

There are so many nail polishes to choose from; how would one choose the right color? If you were to tell a woman that the color of their nail is Just a color, they would be able to argue with that statement. In the short passage, “Mirroring” by Lucy Greatly she expresses her views on the world as she is undergoing a facial operation. Although Hale states, “My sister and her friends put on blue eye shadow, blow-dried their hair, and spent interminable hours in the local mall” (Hale) she says in a tone in which she is trying to convince herself that those things are a waste of time.

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This shows how Hale would actually like to engage in these female activities. A nail polish is not Just a color. Women are able to express themselves through the color they choose. When one is feeling a bit under the weather, they wouldn’t choose a bright pink to paint their nails, they would most likely choose a more dark shaded color. A nail color can be used to represent your emotions. Dark colors such as black or gray symbolizes a very sad or angry emotion. Whereas when one is feeling more happy ND bubbly, they would choose yellow or orangey colors.

Choosing nail polish color can also depend on seasons. From my experience working at my mom’s nail salon, customers preferred to wear more vibrant and flashy colors in the summer and wore the more dark colors during the fall or winter. There are many factors that plays a role in choosing a nail color. Many people also choose the colors based upon the event they may attend. If a woman is attending an event and chooses to wear an emerald green dress, they may also decide to match their nails with the dress. What people often choose to wear what colors?

It’s a difficult decision choosing a color because there are so many options. Typically, older women would choose to wear more natural and soft colors on their nails. Younger women goes towards more shiny and sparkly polishes and colors like red or pink. Age also plays a factor in choosing the right color. Like many women, I also have trouble choosing the right color. There I typically contemplate the emotion I’m feeling or what season it is. I usually go for dark colors such as a deep blue or gray or neutral colors.

I believe it is because I’m fairly a conservative person. I keep to myself majority of the time and it’s difficult for me to talk to new people. There are many reason why I enjoy painting my nails. I like to experiment with different colors- painting my nails has practically became a hobby for me! As I previously stated, a nail color is not Just a nail color- it is much more. The statement a women shows while strutting a fresh manicure is self-confidence and uniqueness. It is a way to express ones individuality. Having your nails done is simply the best accessory.