Narrative Essay Success

No body will do anything, that’s what hurts the most. To think that nobody cares if you kill someone, or get killed. I hate the capitol for making us do this to kids, to just them, but also their families. “Glimmer? ” kept moving on I knew it was a trick. What if she needs my help? There’s no o en here that can harm her, but me, She doesn’t need to be protected. “Glimmer, please I won’t hurt you” “What do you want? ” “I just want to work this out, we both know that neither of us will hurt each to re. ” “We can’t just stay here forever, they’re going to make us kill each other. “No, not fife kill ourselves” “What? NO. ” “Glimmer, I’m sick and tired of being an object to them. I’m done with this, wit h everything’ “How are we going to do that? ” “See those berries? ” she points to a pile of small dark berries “Vale each take a handful and then we wait. ” “l can’t do this, I’m not ready to die. ” “Glimmer, I don’t want to kill you. I don’t want you to kill me. I’m doing you a FAA for. ” “Okay. ” We walk towards the handful of berries, where I will die. I look at my surround nags carefully for one last time. The grass, the sky, the animals.

I’m not ready, but I have no other choice. We slowly raise our hands toward our mouth to eat the berries, but jus SST as we are about to eat them we hear Seneca Crane talking into a speaker. “There has been a change in the games. There will be two winners instead of one. Thank you and Happy 74th Hunger Games. ” I’m numb. I’m dizzy. What just happened? I’m very happy, but is this all part of a plan to kill us? Will I have to kill rue, a twelve year old girl? Who has a life and people who love her? I can’t and I won’t. Glimmer! I can’t believe this!

I’m so happy! ” “Me too… ” Hear a hovercraft above us ready to take us somewhere unknown. The ladder r drops and we climb into the hovercraft. “Congratulations! Rue and Glimmer, you are the winners of the 74th hunger g Ames! ” ‘What? Why? There’s only supposed to be on winner… ” “Yes, but the rules have changed” We can’t get off the hook that easily, or at least I can’t. Rue is just a twelve yea r old, but I’m sixteen. I know better then to not obey the capitol and their rules. I’m happy, for now. “Thank you China” He smiles and embraces me.