Nat. Sci. Final

When people are involved with changing the gene frequency of an organism it is called…
Human Induced Selection
When usable nitrogen compounds are biologically changed to nitrogen gas…
Nitrogen fixation has occurred.
Nitrogen Fixation involves…

Bacteria and Plants

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(not wetlands)

A species with a narrow niche is a…
Two species are prevented from having the same niche at the same time by…
Competitive Exclusion
Which are biological portions of the Carbon Cycle
Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
Cultural Control may include…
planting at the right time, planting th right crops next to each other, using a hoe
Transpiration is…
Is a type of evaporation and is a biological part of the hydrological cycle. 
Bacteria may be….
 A species that is a sign of change in an environment is a…
Indicator Species
Abiotic factors are…
Non-living, include sunlight and water, and may interact with each other
Why are natural disasters good
they are good for ecology and the environment.
A scientific theory is…
is supported by hypothesis testing and an accepted explanation
Reducing the productivity of land is known as…
The movement of Earth’s crust is called…
Plate Tectonics
High quality matter is…
Easy to obtain, concentrated,;and organized
California Agriculture feeds…
the USA
A part per million is…
an insignificant amount
Knowledge gained through the scientific method is…
What is the greatest environmental tragedy of the 21st century?
The destruction of the Amazon Rainforrest
In wealthy conutries the largest input into commerical agriculture is…
The single greatest cause of environmental problems facing humans is…
Overpopulation by humans
The smallest unit of an element is an…
Which may be the result of the movement of Earth’s crust?

Mountain Ranges


Seperate Continents


(not crespundium layers)

What is the difference between Catastophic an Gradual things people can do to the eco-system?

Catastrophic= Things that can happen fast


Gradual= Things that happen slower, but can still be just as bad

What are some examples of Catastrophic events?
Floods, Fires, Landslides, Volcanic activity, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Deforrestation, overgrazing

What are some examples of gradual events?


Immigration, Emmigration, Urbanization, Salt Build Up from irrigation, Ait Pollution
What is a Wildlife Refuge?
It is an area that is managed by fed, state, and private groups and managed to promote game species

What’s the difference between Nat’l. Forrests and Nat’l. Parks?



National Parks are protected.


National Forrests can still be used for hunting or mining.;

What is a Biome?
Terrestial region characterized or defined by vegetaion type.
What are the 3 types of Biomes?
Desserts, Grasslands, and Forrests.;
What are the characteristics of Desserts?

Evaporation exceeds perspiration.


10 inches of rain or less annually.


There can be tropical, temperate, or cold desserts.;

What are the characteristics of Grasslands?

Get enough perspiration for grasses and trees.


Maintained by seasonal drought, grazing, and fires.