Natural Selection,Energy Conservation, and Oil Spills

What is biological evolution? Do individual organisms (like you and me) evolve?
A. Biological evolution- any genetic change in a population that is inherited over several generations (may be small or large, noticeable or not so noticeable)
B. No, individuals develop throughout a lifetime but do not change. Change is inherited over several generations
What is an adaption
A. Traits that fit the environment well ie: Bird beaks that adapt (change)in order to eat certain food which lives in certain environments
Explain the following components to Natural Selection (environment selects favorable traits that allow reproductive success. Overtime favorable traits will rise in population)
A. Overproduction of offspring- many variations struggling to survive
B. Heredity- the passing on of physical or mental characteristics genetically from one generation to another
C. Variation- the occurence of an organism in more than one distinct color or form
D. Differential reproductive success- organisms which are better suited to their environment will produce more and increase the portion of the population with their traits
4. If a heritable trait helps individuals reproduce, what will likely happen to the frequency of that trait in the population over time? Will it increase, decrease, or stay the same?
A. Increase- if there is a yellow lizard and green lizard in a forest, the green will live longer because it can hide better (green will reproduce more than yellow
Looking at your class data, which beak was the best at picking up black beans? If the island your birds lived on only had styrofoam beads, which beak type would likely be the most successful?
A. Black beans- tweezers
B. Styrofoam beads- tweezers
What do we use energy for
A. Heat and AC, heating water, lighting, eletrical appliances, transportation
What are some non-renewable energy sources?
A. Fossil Fuels (oil, gas, coal), nuclear energy
What are some renewable energy sources?
Hydro power, wind, solar, biofuels, geothermal
You have two light bulbs, one is 75w and the other is 45w. WHich light bulb uses more electricity overtime?
A. 75 watt
If EVC decided to change all its incandescent light bulbs with LED light bulbs, what would you expect would happen to the campus electricity bill? Would if increase or decrease?
A. Decrease- led watts are much lower than an incandescent
In most of California (our region) what fuel source provides the most amount of electricity
A. Natural gas
Which non-renewable fuel type is the most efficient (uses the least amount of fuel to produce electricity
A. Oil
What are three types of fossil fuel? What originally was each type?
Oil- crude oil also called petroleum was originally formed by dead ocean animals
gas primarily made of methane and is really lightweight it is formed with oil
coal Coal is carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and sulfur and appears as midnight black rock. First appeared in ancient swamps
What are different ways to try and clean up an oil spill
A. Sorbents- Soaks up oil
B. Boom- contains oil that floats on top of water
C. Dispersants- Chemicals that breakdown oil into micro-droplets (for larger surfaces). Not Natural
D. Biological agents- bacteria that consumes and breaks down oil
E. Burning- setting oil on fire to burn off
Which sorbet did you find was the best? Explain why it is the best
Cotton was the best . Grabbed the oil and made a big circle where it dropped
Where was the BP oil spill( what water body?)
A. Gulf of Mexico/Louisiana
Give one example of an organims that were impacted by the oil spill and explain how they were impacted (e.g. did they lose habitat, did they eat oil, did they get covered in oil, were there indirect impacts from the oil, etc)
A. Sea turtles migrated away from their homes into fisherman’s areas and would get caught on fishing lines. They did this either because of their homes being taken over by the oil spill or fish (sea turtle food)would move away and they would follow. They most likely ate oil but did not get covered in oil]ggigigi