Nature based

In each day, must to coordinate with the resort bout meal for the tourists, the driver, and the tour leader because some one may be allergic some food which the tour leader must to inform to the resort. Have explained how to make the rubber sheets. I gave the information about elephant trekking to the tourists. I also gave information about the waterfall which part of the program. And take care of the tourists at the waterfall, and then it is depend on the tourist. If they’re senior people or small children group, they can’t go to the big waterfall. When finished the program, I must to drop the tourists to the hotel. . Develop and update tourism industry knowledge: -l have learned and improved about hospitality to the tourists which must to make customer satisfy and have fantastic trip. #for example: I have learned making the flowers from the pandas leaves and I have taught to the tourists which make them feel satisfy about it. -l have known variety of hotel in Packet, when got to pick up the tourists at the hotel which each hotels have different services. 2. Promote products and services to customer: – I have talked to the tourists about beautiful places in Thailand. “Thailand was wonderful country.

There are many nice places and wonderful weather for traveling such as about Island. Similar Island is a group of Islands in the Madman Sea off the coast. It is a very beautiful Island. The sea water is very clean, and the beach is the ultimate all inclusive family vacation resort. It is the amazing national park, and famous diving, snorkeling. ” – The Gaping Garden Resort is a natural place at Pang nag province. It is a private place. It is a garden with a variety fruit trees and garden plant We had lunch at this resort. I promoted the Thai plants to the tourists.

We had lunch at this resort. I explained about the Thai plants to the tourists. The tourists who never seen before, so they are interested. Source and provide products and destination information and advice: – I gave information about traveling to the tourists. For example: If the tourist would like to go to the Similar Island. You must to booking with the tour agency. For the adult is 4,400 baht per one, and for the kid is 2,200 baht per one (*VAT Included). After that, The driver will pick up you at the hotel go to the harbor first, and then go on with the speed boat.

There are the products made from aquatic animals such as shell. It’s very interesting. And you should bring Swimsuit, Sun screen, Seasick drug, Camera waterproof, Spare T-shirts and Sunglasses. 2. Explain 5 work-related problems and how the problem was handled and solved. These problems could be personal or practical. (15 marks) – The Iranian tourists can’t speak English. Problem solving: Sometime in group, just one or two people can speak English, so they could translate to their friends. And then I have learned Iranian language with the Iranian tourist who can speak English.

For example slam : hello, immune : thank you, stretchable : How are you? , abaca : the waterfall, sheens : swimming, engage : the coconut, neural : the roots etc. – Sometime. Didn’t meet the tourists in front of the hotel, or maybe they woke up late. Problem solving: To found in the eating room, living room, or to contact with the receptionist for calling to the guest room. ; The problem about meal for the tourists which someone can’t eat some food. Problem solving: Have to order new menu for them. – At the elephant camp.

There is a few number of the elephants, but some day e have many tourists which the elephant not enough for trekking. Problem solving: Have to change the tour program usually elephant trekking in the morning become in the evening. – It is the adventure trip which may be danger for the children. Problem solving: Have to take care of them especially when we were tubing on the river for protected to accident. 3. Analyze SOOT of your internship site related to business management (30 marks) Strengths – The first beginner this program and it is different from other company.