NJHS Application Essay

National Junior Honors Society Application Essay Having the chance to become a member of NUNS isn’t something everybody gets, and I am glad I was given the opportunity. Already, I have been helping in a local Girl Scout troop by being an aide and helping planning meetings, as well as being a leader at my churches “Teens with Character” meetings starting soon. I have been to Feed My Starving Children many times in the past, and plan to do it this year as well with friends, as it has always been a fun way to help others that are less fortunate and improve leadership and communication skills.

I believe that I would make a good member for NUNS because I enjoy helping others and doing things for the community such as Girl Scouts and religious functions through my church. With a third grade Girl Scout troop, I plan to attend meetings that are every other week and help the girls earn their badges, as well as occasionally plan a lesson and teach them the skills to earn a badge. With my church I am participating in a monthly meeting called “Teens with Character. ” I am a part of the core team to help plan and go through with the meetings, which are attended by ids sixth grade through eighth grade.

I also have been to Feed my Starving Children many times before, and enjoy going because I help others and have fun. I should be chosen to be a member of NUNS because I have many activities for service and to boost my leadership and communication skills, and I enjoy doing every single one of them. I also try to keep my grades up to all Ass, and my goal for the 2013/2014 school year was to get all Ass every quarter. I have always pushed myself to get good grades, and I always have gotten good grades.

I think I should be chosen because I enjoy helping others, working with others, and achieving goals I make for myself. If I make it into NUNS, I would make sure I keep my grades up and work on anything I need for my extra-curricular activities I attend from Girl Scouts to softball. I would be so appreciative if I made it into NUNS, and would take the opportunity to be able to focus on helping into the betterment of my community. I was so glad to have received this opportunity and hope to be chosen for NUNS. NUNS Application Essay By magmata