noise pollution

Noise pollution resources
Vibration of solid objects, flow offluids around soild objects, aircraft, cars
effects of noise
annoy, and lack of sleep, hearing loss, and speech inter
noise control solids
reuce s,w,h, of mass, cushon impact, ease acceleartion
noise control fluids
slow rotating parts, air, and speeds
to reduce friction resistance
reduce moving parts, air and fluid flow,less branches, turns, connection, long radi turn, trans in flow paths
reduce vibrations in machines
sound absorbing mat, panels, soft materials, sound tiles, carpets
personal protection
ear prot,helmets
noise control of solids
solids, fluids, frictiion, vibration, personal prtection
sourcesof noise pollution
aircraft, automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, flow of fluids around solid ob objects, vibration of solid objects