Sources of NOx
Thermal NOX(95%), Fossil fuels, breakdown of Nitrogen compounds and HCs
Thermal NOx increase
High flame temps, nitrgen exposed to flame, excess NOx is greater the A/f
Flame temp of NOx higher then 1850
increase in NOx, reduce oders and toxins
NOx reduction methods: pre combustion
change fuels from coal to nat gas, reduce combustion capicity
NOx reduction combustion
 Reduce air and comb temp, inject steam or water to reduce temp, two stage comb, flue gas recirculation
Post comb methods reduction
catalytic and non catalytic reduction
Thermal NOx
NOx formed through high temperature oxidation of the diatomic nitrogen found in combustion air.
non catalyic reduction
inject emmonia into exhuast without catalyst
catalyic reduction
inject ammonia intoflue gas steam and passthrough catalyst bed