Nunez Essay

Levied, with my professional opinion as an advisor to the President of the LLC united States, that we must focus on strengthening our allies so that they may strength then us in times of war. The Truman Doctrine, in my opinion, should be pushed through as it would stop out enemies from expanding their communist outreach further. Containment shoo old be further expanded and added upon when it comes to implementation in order to Stop the spread of communism as well as the rule and influence of Mao Ceding.

The current situ Zion regarding the buffer states is intimidating due to the fact that a readily available army is armed to attack and will attack at any sign of invasion. This is an issue that is handled by the c unionists and must be dealt with as soon as possible. Communism doesn’t support economic c, political, and overall strength when it comes to the advancement of a nation. Communism must be stopped with the current containment and enforced by the Truman Doctrine. The cur .NET political systems arena sufficient enough to provide all of these great benefits, so con retiring more and