NV APES- Living World

Law of Conservation of Matter
In any physical or chemical change, matter is neither created nor destroyed, but just changes from one form to another.
First Law of Thermodynamics
In any physical or chemical change, no detectable amount of energy is created or destroyed, but can be transferred from one form to another.
Second Law of Thermodynamics
In any conversion of heat energy to useful work, some of the initial energy input is always degraded, more dispersed, and less useful energy.

Primary- Organism that feeds on plants or on other producers.

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Secondary- Organism that only feeds on primary consumers.

Tertiary- Animals that feed on animal-eating animals.

Detritvores- A consumer that feeds on dead organisms and wastes of living organisms (detritus).

Decomposers- Organism that digests parts of dead organisms and cast-off fragments by breaking down complex organic molecules. These organisms consist of bacteria and fungi.

Categories of Species

Keystone- Species whose role affects many other organisms in an ecosystem. 

Indigenous- native species

Invasive- nonnative species

Foundation- Plays a role in shaping communities by creating and enhancing a habitat that benefits other species.

Indicator- Species that serve as early warnings that a community/ecosystem is being degraded.