There is a constraint of five hours to schedule all the events; his will require a very strict schedule, as the events act as predecessors to one another. Dinner has to be prepared, served, and cleared on time before the dancing begins. The dancing cannot occur unless the live band has setup up, check levels, and shown up. The cake cutting cannot happen while the couple is having their dance. And we cannot say farewell to the couple until they have had their cake! The venue must be booked a year in advance, as most venues for weddings are booked using this timescale.

If this is not accomplished, it would be extremely difficult to find a venue and plan accordingly with only a few months time to work with. It could be very upsetting to the couple if a venue of their choice was not available. Worst of all, it would be an absolute disaster if no venue was found to hold the reception at all. Having the reception completely finalized within one month of the wedding date would reassure the couple, and all of the guests, that everything is going to be perfect as planned.

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An ideal result would be to have everything booked on time, and all scheduled events to happen exactly as planned. An acceptable result would to still have everything booked on time, but all the scheduled events to vary 5-10 minutes off schedule, totally no more than 15-30 minutes overtime. A failure would be to not be able to book the venue, dinner, live music, or have the scheduled events running more than an hour overtime. Cost – Setting a limit of $1 5,000 is the constraint. This must be adhered to under all circumstances.

Staying within any budget, sugarless of the price, can be achieved with efficient planning, and allowing 5-10% of the budget to be allocated for unplanned occurrences. An ideal result would to stay within budget, and even have the 5-10% available to give to the couple. An acceptable result would be to stay within the budget, and have to use the 5-10% extra allowance. A failure would be to go over the budget, by more than 1 or enough to not to be able to afford a crucial part of the reception. Scope – Scope is a constraint in the sense that everything must be realistic and attainable.

The location must be reasonable, and accessible by 200+ people. Scope is the lowest priority because time and cost play a much more important role in planning a reception. Anything realistic can occur as long as it is in the budget for time and cost An ideal result would be to give the couple exactly the reception they have planned. An acceptable result would be to have to degrade some aspects of the dinner, or possibly a second choice in band. A failure would be to not meet the couple’s expectations in venue, or any of the other scheduled events.