Child was able to create what appeared o look like a dog or animal with the play dough. He repeated the task of molding the play dough at least 5-6 times after creating various animal looking objects. During this time, he rolled the play dough into balls and flattened the dough several times with a rolling pin. Date March 3, 201 5 Time of day: 1 0:AAA. M. As soon as it was time for recess, Peter was the first to run aimlessly around the playground. After 4-5 minutes he found a friend and they started playing what appeared to be a game of tag.

After a few minutes he started playing a racing game with the yard duty teacher on staff. Once he was was done laying the racing game, he started to play with the stackers (large plastic building blocks) and turned his creation into a what appeared to be a gun. He used this plastic gun to start shooting and pointing at other classmates and made shooting noises with his mouth. After he was told not to shoot the gun towards others, he started running around the playground and continued to play tag. Date March 4, 2015 Time of day 10:00 a. M.

Child was told to sit at a special rug area for what is dubbed music time. The child was instructed to sit quietly until the teacher was ready to start singing an alphabet song. The child was restless, evidenced by his constant movement and rocking back and forth. However, he did participate in singing the song and was smiling and maintained eye contact. Date March 5, 2015 Time of day: 9:15 a. M. Child was instructed to go to a table and sit because it was time to practice writing. The child held the pencil in his right hand and proceeded to write the letter A on his paper several times.

He was tracing the letter for two lines and then was instructed to write the letter on his own. A teacher’s aid was assisting him with his writing and told him to complete the pattern of Ass and o take his time. She had to redirect him a few times because he was interested in what was happening at a table nearby. Date March 6, 2015 Time of day : 11 :AAA. M Child was instructed to sit at the rug while teacher called out names for children to go to the bathroom and wash hands prior to lunch.

However, Peter did not listen to the teacher and ran towards the bathroom on his own without being told. The teacher redirected Peter and reminded him that she would let him know when it Was his turn to go to the bathroom. Peter skipped back to his area on the rug. When it was his turn to go to the bathroom he kipped towards the area to wash his hands and utilized the soap by rubbing it all over his hands and part of his lower arms. He turned on the water and it splattered everywhere.

He was scolded and told to stop splashing water. Peter then went to the bathroom and walked back to his seating area on the rug. Interpretation (assessment) Peter appears to be a bright, positive (smiling a lot) and was able to write the letter A correctly. He is easily redirected once he is disciplined. He doesn’t appear frustrated when he gets in trouble but stops the action. His gross motor skills appear to be like any other preschool aged child. He uses his imagination and runs, skips, jumps and climbs playground structures.

His fine motor skills of writing, completing a pattern (writing letter A), building a gun with the stackers and copying letters, grasping a pencil correctly appeared to be at grade level for a preschool aged child. Peter did not ask many questions and instead looked towards his peers for guidance by observing what they were doing and attempting to copy their behaviors. Peter appears to be easily distracted by his peers. He has difficulty focusing on the task at hand and sitting still. He also has impulsive behaviors, such as running towards the bathroom without being told.