Oh Finals……Global Science SUBJECTIVE

What is the coriolis effect?
An affect that effects wind direction and is directed at right angles of airflow. It is also affected by wind speed and is strongest at the poles.
What are the 4 major pathways in the water cycle?
evaporation, condensation, precipitation, transpiration.
What is evaporation?
liquid to gas
What is condensation?
gas to liquid
What is precipitation?
liquid, snow, rain, ice etc
What is transpiration?
Movement of water from the plants to the atmosphere.
What is the order of the water cycle?
Evaporation, condensation, precipitation, transpiration
What are producers?
plants, things that make their own food
What are Primary consumers?
things that eat producers (the plants.) known as herbivores.
What are secondary consumers?
carnivores and omnivores (things that eat both plants and animals.)
What are third level consumers?
Detrivores ( decomposers.)
What are the four levels of the atmosphere?
Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesopsphere, Thermosphere.
What is the troposphere like?
It is where we live, all weather occurs here, main source of energy is radiation.
What is the stratosphere like?
The ozone absorbs radiation which protects us from lethal doses of it.
What is the temperature in the mesosphere like?
Temperatures drop to their lowest values there.
What is the thermosphere like?
It absorbs short wave high energy solar radiation.
What is temperature inversion?
As you increase in altitude, temperature decreases.
What is cosmology?
Study of the universe
What is the Big Band Theory?
the theory that the universe formed from a collossal expolosion.
What happened in the big bang?
There was an origin for the Big Bang, it sent out electromagnetic waves into the universe, the wave stretched out and had low energy.