Omotade Alabi Compare And Contrast

In the past few years, the music industry has seen the ascension of many prolific names. Some generations producing one great name, while some generate two icons, which more often than not, are persistently compared by their respective fans, In an attempt to determine which one is better. Many female icons have been associated with one another through their whole career. The comparisons span from the likes Of Madonna with Cindy Lapper, and Diana Ross with Earth Franklin.

In this day and age, two new artists have en subjected to the same fate, Beyond, and Shakier. While Beyond and Shakier, two popular musical artists, have some similarities, feel that Beyond is the better artist, due to her background, performance style, music and lyrics, and endeavors outside of music have more impact than Shakier. Beyond and Shakier are undoubtedly the world’s most powerful singers. Through their songs, they have reached heights of fame that would make their status comparable to the likes of the President of the United States.

However, due to the similar nature of their relevance in today’s society, individuals tend to try to place one above the other. However, if one looks at it with an objective vision, determining the better star becomes quite simple. Shakier and Beyond, two popular musical artists, have some similarities, feel that Beyond is the better artist, due to her background, performance style, music and lyrics, and endeavors outside of music have more impact than Shakier.

Although it may seem subjective, or biased; my statement is based on some categories that I believe every great artist must be defined by: Background, Performance style, Music and Lyrics, and Endeavors outside USIA. In terms of background, both Shakier and Beyond exemplify young performer, who rose to prominence with the progression of her career. Shakier was born and raised in Brilliant Columbia, where she learned how to sing and dance. There she began to build on skills we know her for today, like her language and song diversity, and her famous belly-dancing abilities.

Beyond also grew up performing. As a child, Beyond performed in many competitions, and with the guidance of her father, found herself working amongst the other members of “Destiny’s Child”. The notable thing bout their upbringing is the guidance that assisted them in their rise to fame. Although one could argue against the importance of this in the debate of overall quality, the rational victor in this case would have to be Beyond because of the constant presence of experience in her background.

Her father, Matthew Knowles was a successful talent manager, who combined his daughters musical talent with his technical experience. Shakier isn’t known to have had people like that constantly around her in her early years, and as a result one could say Beyond had the better background. When it comes to performance style, these artists begin to show a bit more distinction. Shaker’s performance style is emphatic to say the least. She often dances smoothly, (much like most of her songs) as she focuses more with singing the song, than moving her body to the beat.

When she does one of her upbeat songs, she will tend to move around the stage, anticipating the crowd to sing along while she embraces different sections. Beyond is more of a choreographer. She will most likely have a couple backup dancers with her, and will dance her way through her performance, regardless of the duration. What distinguishes Beyond in this category is her ability to offer both singing and dancing. While Shakier tends to only deliver one at a time; one can be rest assured that with Beyond, both your visual and aural desires will be satisfied.

As you analyze the pure content Of their music it becomes easy to See the reasons the fans of both these icons have for their loyalty. Shakier is based on a Latin foundation. Most of her early works are targeted towards a Spanish base. Although, she he has recently been experimenting with contemporary American pop, her fans would agree that she’s at her best when she’s singing n her sweet Spanish voice. Although judging music quality is difficult, Beyond dominates in this category for a simple reason.

Beyond ‘s music is generally R&B, she also endeavors into Pop at times, but mostly tries to let her voice radiate through the song, and not the beat. Beyond has a fan base that accepts it for the single genre she boasts of. In Shaker’s case she “tries not to limit her self’, and as a result, doesn’t really satisfy anyone. Her English fans don’t appreciate her Latin songs, and her Latin fans don’t appreciate her contemporary English songs. Beyond doesn’t have to worry about that. Outside of music both of these artist have shown great exploits.

Shakier has appeared on many TV series, namely, ugly Betty, Wizard’s of Wavered place, and recently acted as a judge on The Voice. She is also a celebrity spokes person, and owns her own beauty line, “S for Shakier”. Beyond?s undertakings include endorsements from the likes of Pepsi and Tommy Hellfire; Fashion lines like that of House of Deeron, and Philanthropy projects like the Survivor Foundation. This category is less debatable. Beyond is the obvious leader in this category by simply looking at her net worth accumulated from these ventures ($450 million), which is more than double Shaker’s ($220 million).

By observing these four categories, it becomes easy to discern the better of the two. While I believe that both of these writers are amazing in her own right, Beyond just outclasses.