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college/professor letterhead

Date: 26/01/2018

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Letter of


Dear Graduate Admission Committee,


As a Professor and the Head of Department of
Biomedical, I am pleased to extend my Recommendation for Supriya Navale in
support of her application to MS Program at your esteemed University. I had
instructed her in “Hospital Management” subject in the 8th semester.
I am immensely happy about her decision of pursuing masters at the global
platform as this will help her get the necessary exposure and expand her


During my period of acquaintance with her, I
found her sincere, assiduous and one of the most capable individuals. She
always emerged with insightful questions about a pertinent topic which shows she
possess curiosity to learn and she strives to be the best among her peers. These
qualities other were reflected when she topped 2nd position in my
subject in the final exam with just a mark less than 1st  secured overall 4th rank in the
class of 70 students. Furthermore, she likes to accept challenges &
difficult subject fascinates her. She was intrigued to choose an intricate
subject “Robotics in Medicine” as an elective subject besides other
two such as “Lasers & Fiber Optics” and “Health care
Informatics”. With her high degree of dedication and analytical skills,
she topped in that subject too by securing the 3rd position as a
subject topper. She demonstrated that she has an inbuilt motive to stand out in
the exceptional position. I could also perceive her penchant for robotics field
by her project titled as “Prototype of Minimally Invasive Surgical Robotic
Arm”. She had managed to gain appreciation from other professors as well for
her meticulous work in the project.


She had never been confined to academic
activity alone. She makes extra efforts to go beyond the curriculum & take
an exposure of corresponding fields with practical experience. She proved this
by pursuing an internship in one of the renowned hospitals in Mumbai during
semester vacation. This definitely helped her in understanding my subject
easily & in-depth. I liked the most about Supriya is her ability to stay
down at earth, in spite of being excellent performer academically. She has
endowed with a benevolent and social disposition which was apparent when she
volunteered in college during Annual Intercollege Festival.


To summarize, I can assert that Supriya is a
sedulous student with high-level academic commitment along with her altruistic
demeanor. I strongly recommend her for graduate studies at your university.
This course will make her broaden her horizons & she will be cognizant of
boundless possibilities in the field of biomedical. I wish her every success in
her further venture.



Dr. J. R. Toravi, Ph.D. (IIT, Bombay)

Head and Professor

Department of Biomedical Engineering

Vidyalankar Institute of Technology, Mumbai (India)

Email Id: [email protected]