One minute mind reading

One Minute Mind Reading An Easy Way To Get Started With by Vain Discard Author Of The Attraction Code Also By Vain Discard The Attraction Code The Woodened Letters Dictator’s Escalation Ladder Secrets of Sexual Tension This book is dedicated to the men who crave a woman’s touch so deeply, their darkest desire is to read her thoughts… What’s In “One Minute Mind Reading”? What is One Minute Mind Reading? .

. This Handbook and the Pander’s Box System… Different Types of Women? . The only three things you’ll ever need to know about a woman..

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.An Unusual Discovery in Female Sexual Psychology .. Owe an argument with my girlfriend led to a dramatic discovery…

1,062 women In Just 90 Days . . Like a lot of fun? You bet it was..

. . . Iv packed into .

5 sounds Steps . Tricks tell you exactly what she’s thinking…

STEP 1: Read Her “Time Line” . . And traps to avoid when you first meet a woman…

STEP 2: Read Her “sex Line”…. Do and traps to avoid when you’re trying to get her home..

. . 7 these important . 9 things to do . 11 things to STEP 3: Read Her “Relationship Line”.

. . . . Avoid when you want to keep her around.

..How To Use Pander’s Box…

. To use these techniques to ditch rejection, forever…

What Is One Minute Mind Reading? . . 13 things dodo and traps to . 15 how eave you ever wondered why women flirt one minute, and then reject you if you make a move? How about what she really means, behind all of her woman speak? Maybe you’d like to know when or if a woman’s attracted to you.

.. Or how a specific woman would like to be approached…

Or even specific topics of conversation proven to never die, or leaving you searching for words while your mind goes blank.I used to think that if I could read a woman’s mind, there would be so much less guesswork. But until now, trying to guess what she’s thinking was literally that – a Lind guess. A shot in the dark. And overall, a waste of your time.

And because you couldn’t know what she’s thinking, all methods designed to meet women relied on the same methodology, when you boil them down: Step 1 . Meet a woman. Step 2. Say X, Y, Z to her Step 3. Hopefully have sex with her. Step 4. Rinse and repeat With Step 4. Rinse and repeat being the worst offender of all.

Because until now, we didn’t know how to see why each woman is unique.And we couldn’t tell her the ones Vive taught you, were simply handed to you with these instructions, “Say this to every beautiful woman you meet. ” And hey, sometimes it works. Especially if the techniques came from a credible source.

But the dirty secret most pickup artists don’t want you to know is a 2550% success rate is astoundingly high. Even most men who professionally meet women only succeed in picking up one out of four women they like. Why so low? Well, I’ll explain that in Just a second…

The real question is why not a different technique for each and every woman you meet?Well, that’s simple: Using the same technique is the SAFE way to meet women. But the problem is, “safe” isn’t attractive to women. Only absolute certainty and confidence is attractive. And in the pages of this book – One Minute Mind Reading – this is exactly what I’m going to give you: Complete Certainty over what she’s thinking, so you’ll know what to say to her..

. You’ll know how to turn her on… And you’ll keep a girl you like around forever, without even one painful fight or breakup.

This is a big promise, so I know you’re going to be skeptical. That’s fine, you don’t need to believe me yet.Simply give me a minute of your time and suspend your disbelief, until I finish explaining exactly how this system works, to you.

Because by the end of this book, you’ll know with absolute certainty that you can et any girl you want, and have a near 100% shot at making her attracted to you. Different Types of Women? Eve spent the last ten years training hundreds and hundreds of men around the globe. They’ve learned how to meet, attract and start relationships with the women of their dreams. And when I first meet a guy, and watch him interact with women… I realize he’s already going a lot of things right!I suspect that you and the average man I train are alike, in certain aspects.

For example: He knows a lot of techniques, probably more than he can effectively use. He knows great ways to start conversations, and some tricks to keep it going. He has a few techniques he knows to go for that first kiss and more..

. So he knows enough “stuff,” but he isn’t getting the results he wants. I notice that this is usually because he’s using “the right stuff’ on the wrong kind of woman. Let me explain: Let’s take a compliment. Compliments are dynamite when used on the right type of woman.Tell the right girl that her eyes are beautiful, and she melts like winter snow. Her eyes go all “puppy dog” and she gently smiles back at you. Tell this same compliment to another girl, and she simply shrugs it off.

No reaction. Not even a flinch. An effect on the other? It’s simple: Women are different. Women are unique. And because she’s different and unique, she likes different things from a man. Take two equally attractive women, for instance: One woman has been with only three men in her life (all past boyfriends). She has a serious boyfriend who walks her home from work every weekend.

And she goes to church with her family, every Sunday morning at 1 lam. Most of her free time outside of dating is spent learning how to cook – her passion. Another woman has slept with more than 30 men. She is constantly hit on, because of how she dresses and carries herself.

She’s worked as a stripped, as a bartender and most recently a nude model. Most of her free time outside of dating is spent starting a business, because she wants to be self-sufficient. Would you really expect to say the same thing to both of these women, and still have them both be attracted to you? Of course not, because all women are different.So you simply need to understand how different, and in what ways she’s unique and you’ll have all the information you need to hold custom, tailored conversations with her, that make her strongly attracted to you, each and every time. In order to do this, let’s find out Just how unique she is..

. O An Unusual Discovery In Female Sexual Psychology nee day, I was with a girlfriend I had been with for 3 years. We had Just gotten into an argument about something so petty, I can’t even remember what the argument was. I was tired, I had Just gotten home from a long day of work and the last thing I wanted to do was to fight.So I told her, sarcastically, “Whatever baby. I’m in this for the long haul. ” Making a Joke about being tied down.

I was expected for her to get mad. Instead, she stopped dead in her tracks, she got all teary-eyed and she started making out with me. It felt like she had fallen in love – ND become incredibly aroused – by a simply comment I made. A sarcastic one, at that! It seemed like a strange situation to me. After all, with my past experiences with women I knew that saying “Whatever baby’ shouldn’t make a girl aroused like that… But it did.

..Then I got to thinking, what if the comment being sarcastic didn’t matter. What if she simply wanted to hear, “Baby, I’m in this for the long haul” and as soon as I said it, it triggered her emotionally. I thought back to times I had said odd things to things in common. For instance: Girls who fell for unusual compliments tended to ate around a lot more than other girls.

And girls who responded well to really romantic gestures tended to have more partners than other girls, as well. And all of a sudden it hit me… What if all women weren’t the same, but all women weren’t different either?I started seeing partners in the women I’d 3 dated, and I noticed a few “character types” coming up more than others. The second I had that thought, a shudder ran down my spine. At that point I knew I was onto something huge. And you’re about to learn something that will make dating any woman and having sex with her, much easier.

.. 4 1,062 women 90 Days this point, I had all the information I needed. We’d been teaching men around the world how to meet women for 5 years.

So the techniques that worked to turn women on, to keep women interested and to make a woman attracted to you were already there.I focused on finding out more about a woman’s innermost desires: Me and my Trainers got our hands on every book on female psychology there is. Titles like “Unhooked: How Young Women Pursue Sex, Delay Love, And Lose At Both” by Laura Sessions Steep, “Engendered Lives: A New Psychology Of Women’s Experience” by Ellen Shack, “Dilemmas of Desire” by Deborah L.

Dolman… As well as about a dozen more big books, and hundreds of academic articles.

And we also started interviewing women. 1,062 to be exact. We interviewed women by phone, we used surveys we set up…We found girls on Scraggliest, Faceable and of course, we meet over 630 of these women the old fashioned way – walking up to her and saying hi. Some of these women were “in” on the experiment.

Many of these women were not. All of these women lead to deeper understanding of how each woman is unique, and most importantly, how you can use this uniqueness to make her attracted to you. During this time, we made an astonishing discovery Women do indeed have character types! And not simple “personality test” types like Good Girl / Bad Girl, Party Girl or Cougar, either.There are 8 types of 5 women in the same way there are 16 Myers-Briggs personality types. And while we were coming up with these different types of women, then testing them out in field to you know exactly what she’s thinking or feeling at any given time. These simple questions tell you her type, and open up her mind so it’s easy to read..

. So conversation keeps flowing for ever and ever… So you can turn her on using the reflect words at the perfect times..

. And so you’ll never suffer through a messy breakup with a girl you loved. Read Her Mind in Just 3 Simple Steps woman’s thoughts aren’t that complex, Just like my thoughts aren’t that complex. Your thoughts aren’t that complex. You see, we’re all capable of imagining an infinite number of things, but we spend most of our time thinking about a handful of topics. We call this “mental habits” and everybody got a few. Individually, your mental habits are so different than mine, that if we laid them out on paper, we could easily tell them apart. However, pick a topic like dating.

.. Or pick an even more important topic, like sex.

.. And our mental habits probably look exactly the same.I spend time thinking about sex, and imagining the women I want.

I have fantasies and desires that are – statistically – pretty similar to yours. And women function the same way, as well. Take all the women in the world, break down their mental habits and you’ll find they think about dating and sex – a LOT. More importantly, they focus on three main topics. These are the three main topics we’re going to “mind read” and when you get skilled at reading these “Mind Lines” as I like to call them, you’ll be able o guess a woman’s type accurately in less than a minute. Hence, One Minute Mind Reading.By now, I can tell a woman’s type in under 30 seconds, flat.

And when you’re first starting, I’d estimate it will take you a maximum of 5 minutes. And once you know her type, you only need to focus on Just three things the ENTIRE time you know her – from first words to sex, and more. So when you think about it, all the effort and work you used to put into meeting girls is now condensed into one, simple, 5 minute block of time. (And this block of “work” gets smaller and smaller the more you do it) 7 Here’s a quick preview of the three Mind Lines, and how they’re useful to you: 1) The Time Line – women worry about Time and Dating.She worries she won’t find the right partner before her “youth” starts to fade. So, she either dates around or she finds a guy and settles down.

All women fall into one of these two choices, and this Line tells you exactly how to approach. 2) The Sex Line – women have risks associated with Sex. However, sex still feels very good and she’s driven to crave it. So, she’s going to Justify her decision to have sex in spite of the risks, or she’s going to deny that there are any kiss involved, at all. All women are one of these two types, and this Line tells you how to get her into bed. This line is the trickiest to read – and also the most useful) 3) The Relationship Line – women have two different views on Relationships. One woman wants to settle down with a white picket fence.

The other woman wants to focus on her career and be successful. All women want a relationship that’s one of these two choices, and this Line tells you how to keep her. In the next three Chapters, I’m going to show you all three Lines, and I’m going to show you how they impact your dating life. Plus, we’re going to take a minute in each section to “read” this line of a famous Caleb) So let’s get cracking’… STEP 1: Read Her “Time Line” “Why Is Talking To A Woman So Damn Difficult!? ” Do you want to date a bunch of women at once, then pick the best woman for you? Or do you want to find a girl who’s “good enough” to be your girlfriend, and then change her into the perfect girlfriend? Just like you decided one option is better than the other, women like one option better as well.

Women are looking for a long term partner to settle down with. And she has two ways to do this… Either date a bunch of men at the same time, and then kick the best guy. Or, she can date the first “good enough” guy that comes along and try to change him. That stereotype exists for a reason) A girl who dates around – will never try to change a man, because she’ll simply pick a better guy from her pool of suitors. A girl who invests her time in the first guy who’s good enough will never play the field, because it distracts her from her focus: Improving the guy she’s with.

When you know how to read her “Time Line”, you’ll be able to start conversations with any girl that you meet…

Keep these conversations from dying out as long as you wish… ND make “rejection” a part of your dating past, for good.And every woman you meet falls into one of half of the Time Line, not both. If you approach her with the wrong strategy, you’re dead in the water.

This is why starting a conversation is tough – one type of women responds to compliments, and the other thinks compliments are demeaning. 9 Already, you see why saying the same thing to all women works only 50% of the time… Do you approach a woman with a compliment? Going to die out with over 50% of women. 10 Including Megan Fox (a compliment would be a complete disaster) STEP 2: Read Her “sex Line” “Oh God…

Oh God… Oh GOD! Wait.

.. No… Not Like That…

Ex feels great. But let’s face it: If a woman sleeps around too much, she’s labeled a slut. Plus, she’s more likely to get pregnant. And her risk of getting an SST goes through the roof. However, she still wants to feel the fun of sex, so she has a dilemma: Does she Justify her sexual activities, or does she deny she’s doing anything wrong? A girl who denies she’s in a tricky sexual situation won’t sleep with you Just because you got her turned on. A girl who Justifies her sexual activity with statements like “I’m Just a modern woman” onto sleep with you Just because you make her feel safe.When you know which girl she is, you’ll know how to turn her on, every time.

.. You’ll know when she’s ready to make your move… You’ll make her chase you for sex.

.. And you’ll know everything you should say and do, to get her into bed. But she will not go home with any man who appeals to the wrong one of her sexual drivers. If you treat her romantically, she’ll leave you at the curb if she only wants pleasure. And vice versa.

So no matter what you do, if you do the same thing around all women, you can only get 50% of all women to go home with you.Plus, women who date around don’t necessarily Justify their sex drives. And, women who look for the “right” man sometimes deny ever liking sex.

So, if 11 you were saying the same thing to all women, and using the same strategy to bring her home… You currently only have a 25% shot of getting that girl you’re interested in. Not to mention.

.. Not all women want the same relationship, in or out of bed.

.. Romantic? Then over 50% of women will think you’re a weak boyfriend 12 Including Eva Mended (she likes a more practical man) STEP 3: Read Her “Relationship Line” “Cheat On MY Boyfriend? You Must Be Kidding… You’ve seen any movie with a woman in it since 1990, you know that women want two different lifestyles. First, there’s the woman who wants to a be a housewife.

Her main goal is to have a family, a white picket fence and the perfect husband. She’s in her relationship for the long run. Second, there’s the businesswoman who focuses on her career.

Lots of movies show her being a powerful force in the boardroom, and in the bedroom. So many women try to follow in her shoes. She puts her family life on the back burner to chase her own dreams.

And her relationship is more realistic: She knows divorce is very real in modern society.So she loves the man she’s with, she’s Just not naive. An Idealist – A woman who’s focused on family and devoted to her partner won’t ever be tempted to leave her man to chase her own dreams. A Realist – A woman who’s chasing a powerful goal – won’t ever settle for a man who’s not motivated, or wants her to settle down into a picture-perfect household. When you know how to read her Relationship Line, you’ll keep your perfect girl around without nasty fights or breakups…

You’ll keep her loyal, no matter what… And you’ll know how to get and keep her involved in your life.So you’re sharing a relationship (to the point she’s comfortable in either a multiple girl relationship, or even marriage if you want) But if you treat a woman who wants a perfect home like a woman who wants a 13 career, you’re toast. And vice versa.

So using the same strategy to keep a happy relationship only has a 50% shot of success. Together (at least until you sleep with her. ) So if you use Just one strategy to meet women, you only have a 12. 5% shot at making her your girlfriend. And even if you’re batting one-thousand, and following a one-size-fits-all method perfectly, seven out of eight times you’re going to suffer rejection.

So obviously, you need to adapt your approach, woman to woman. And as you discovered in The System, this is easily done, once you know which of the 8 types of woman she is..

. Do you like Just cuddling with your girl? Are going to get bored of your relationship. 14 Including Jessica Alba (she needs fun dates to stay interested) How To Use Pander’s Box This is the most important chapter of “The One Minute Mind Reader. ” In this very brief, yet very important page, I’m going to share with you everything that’s possible once you unlock Pander’s Box.The system that the One Minute Mind Reader concept comes from) In fact, once you start to see the power of the Pander’s Box System, you’ll being to realize that the One Minute Mind Reader is Just the tip of the iceberg! Understanding the different steps of “Mind Reading” and being aware of CRITICAL differences in a woman’s personality is Just the first step to fully realizing the full power of the Pander’s Box System. In the thousands of hours of testing, not one Trainer who knew this..

. Not one student we taught this to… Not even the camera guy who watched the initial shooting ever et a woman Pander’s Box didn’t work on.We seduced her easily using the ideal approach, using custom fit conversation, our custom tailored sexual advances and of course, we presented her with the perfect relationship. In a paraphrased line from one of my favorite movies of all time (Boiler Room): “Now you know what’s required, let me tell you what’s possible..

. ” 15 Customizing Your Tools To Attract the RIGHT Type of Women – Trust me, there’s nothing worse than learning some brand new techniques only to find out they only work on the WRONG type of woman, and actually REPEL the sweet, perfect girlfriend