One Of The Best Teaching Experience I Had Was

One of the best teaching experiences I have had was in 2009. At that time, I was a recently graduated teacher, and for the first time in a position where I had to handle Year 6 pupils by myself. They were very young and loud and I could barely finish my curriculum. Felt depressed and, in fact, did not have much experience to deal with the disastrous situation. After two months of asking and attending the lessons of teachers of other subjects who were teaching the same class I taught, I realized that the problem was not really with the learners.

My pupils were simply expressing their nature: they were children. Therefore, the problem was with me. Needed to expand my ideas and to be on my pupils’ wavelength to meet their interests. For that reason, I used games, realize, flash cards, field trips and even played with sand and water. I considered it to be silly at the beginning, but I was patiently trying to achieve my goal of a calm teaching atmosphere. It was the first time in my life where I felt that people were waiting for me excitedly At the same time, I started having fun with my young learners.

Teaching need not only be inside classroom environment or be the subject of awful lectures about respect and discipline. I was creative, open minded and forgiving although I was still shouting, threatening and punishing as before . My learners afterwards were quiet and obedient, and magically my lessons went fluently. I think this experience was not only good for me as a teacher, but was a life time lesson to remember. It was enough for me to meet those students weeks ago, who are in grade eleven now, and hear them say, “Teacher, you taught us in Year 6 and you are the best teacher we have ever had. ”