Online voting system chapter

Floral (2005) stated in his article entitled “The Computer Edge of the New Employment and Opportunities” which was published in Philippine Daily Inquirer that there is a different feeling of what is happening in the company brought about by the computers. This is because computers will give the company instant information it needs. It will make them more innovative and competitive. Cantata (2005), on the other hand, stated in her thesis entitled “Computer Library System for SST. James Academy’ that the manual system of maintaining, piling, retrieving and securing the records in the library might effect the quality of service.

Such for an instance, right information might be given to wrong person. This is because files are only kept in envelopes and folders in wooden rocks. Emended in 2007 executed a similar study for Vision Designer Inc. An identification machine was made with an aim of verifying the person who is entering the premises through swiping their identification cards. When a given code number is entered, the card reader in the machine will trigger the verification. The micro switch in return will allow the person to enter through automatic unlock if access is granted.

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A more precise and accurate monitoring of attendance of the employees is given by this machine. Trials in (2011) stated in his work that a payroll system is an important application that should be used by businesses of any size. These systems are way to make sure your payroll is done on time and in compliance with taxing authorities. Foreign literature Columbia State Community College (2006) operates a computer identification account (Log In Name and Password). When a person access the institution’s computer usage, their logs are electrically listed through the individual user’s log in and log out processes.

However, the users are informed that they are responsible for whatever information they share. My Time Force which was launched on 2006 is a software-based time and attendance system which allows the user to collect and organize the employees’ time data accurately. Time Force is said to be a proficient and successful time tracking and management in a company. Moreover, Time Force can be used as: “;Easily and efficiently track your employee time; ;Manage your time & attendance data and employee profiles; ;Eliminate buddy punching; Make employee scheduling a breeze; and ;Reduce the headaches and time associated with payroll. Demand Media (2015 ) stated in her article ‘What are the benefits of automating a payroll system” the benefits and importance of having an automated payroll system. According to a published article “Automated Computerize Process” in Reader’s Digest Magazine which was written by Thomas Primer, the collection of employee attendance when they begin their shift is still a manual process in many businesses. They still use manual methods such as time cards sheets to collect time and attendance data even f the business has automated or computerized process such as scheduling, inventory, purchasing, general ledger, and payroll processing.

NOVA time is a group system developer which continues to evolve, grow and utilize all the tools we have as of today. It has the capability to incorporate and utilize the tools that the new millennium is giving us. It has brought a system for growth but can also give maximum flexibility. The sophistication of this program is within the programmed mechanism which allows a quick and simple implementation and employee training cycle.