Organizational Behaviors

Managers and other people in authoritative positions use organizational behavior as a way to help people better understand situations they face in the workplace and change their behavior so that their individual performance improves and the organization’s overall effectiveness increases. Internal and External Perspectives Two of the main components of organizational behavior are internal perspective and external perspective. Internal perspective (IP) focuses on all the activities and key processes required in order for the company to excel at providing the value that is expected by the customers.

Internal Processes are main indicators on what the outcome is going to be in regards to the customers and financial value. Internal processes are normally grouped in these such areas: Operations Management – improving asset utilization, supply chain management, etc. Customer Management – expanding and eepening relations, innovation (by new products and set-vices Regulatory & Social – establishing good relations with the external stakeholders.

External Perspective (EP) focuses on the future outcome of their company, looking forward to what the future brings, if they are going to shape it and if they are going to secure that future for their business. believe that a lot of the external perspective depends on what the outcome of what happens with the internal perspective. Organizational Behavior in MY Workplace work for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. The way that SVdP works as far rganizational behaviors are concerned is that we have a sort of “Pyramid of Managers” or a chain of command that is different from a lot of other businesses that have researched or witnessed.

The highest on the pyramid- who is in charge of everything-is the Council (or Board of Directors). The Board consists of about five or six people, then there is the President. Yes, the Board is above the President! The President is then over the Manager, who is then over the other employees-including the Volunteer Coordinator (which is me). Now, because I am the Volunteer Coordinator (among other labels), I anage the Volunteers. So, as far as organizational behavior is concerned, it is Very messy at my place of employment.

There should be a lot of changes made not only to the management side of things but, also, I think that they should wipe out the board all together. When the Board makes a ruling, by the time it gets to me- or the other employees- it is all jumbled up and confusing. We never get the correct information and it causes a lot of problems within my work place. I believe that they should have ONE person that is in charge of everyone. Not a Board of five people, and then a President, and then a manager! I think that some of the authors of these articles that I have been reading should come to my work and give a seminar!