Other two houses of the legislature. Another system

Other states such as the Wisconsin Legislature, met up 34 times in the period of 2011-2012 legislative sessions. There are also 18 specific states that the legislative sessions last less than three months. These sates are Florida, Arkansas, Idaho, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Utah, Tennessee, Washington, Virginia, Wyoming and West Virginia. These various sessions differ completely to that of the Congress. Also, each state, for example Texas, is different in their own way to another state like California. The third major difference between state legislature and Government is the time and resources that they have to establish laws. The government of a state usually has very limited sources and short time to make laws. As opposed to Congress having a satisfied amount of time to make and establish laws on any topic. A total of twelve states can use streamline provisions. Stream line provisions is a limitation on the number of bills and laws that can be introduced in a certain legislative session. This can be applied on one or two houses of the legislature. Another system that is used upon the states is called the Deadline system. This is a more common source that serves as a way to introduce new laws or bills, pertain committee action, conference committee action, or second house action. There are 73 legislative chambers that use the deadline system as their main source. There is also limitation in various states that conserve the ability of lawmakers to establish laws or amendments that expedite the legislative process. The seven states that carry this limitation are, Wyoming, Minnesota, Montana, Colorado, Kansas, Arizona and Michigan. This is a major difference when it comes to comparing both organizations because one clearly has more power and less limitations than the other. In the state of Texas, there are a few reforms that are yet to be passed yet and some that have already been established. These reforms can either cause a positive or negative impact on our society. According to an TexasTribune.org, a certain reform was discussed to be put into action in the near future. The reform consisted of putting $351 million into public school to help the lack small struggling, rural school with kids in special need and to also put $212 million into health insurance programs for retired teachers. This type of reform would help the community as a whole in various ways. It would increase the number of students that join schools.  One of the reasons why some students don’t attend public schools is because their school is not in the best condition or is not big enough to sustain the population of their community. This lack of improvement makes the kids feel discouraged to attend school and makes them miss an opportunity to their education. Therefore, applying $351 million to these type of schools and communities would great help in the long-run and would help decrease the poverty of children who struggle with small public schools. Allowing them to get a higher education and succeeding in their educational course. Also, it would encourage more individuals to become teachers because the money that would be implemented in the health insurance would benefit many teachers who are in need when they retire. Legislative reforms like these are the ones that make the country much bigger on better when it comes to education and heading the right step towards the future. In conclusion, the state legislature has much power when making decisions on which laws should be established in the state or not. It also struggles to achieve a high full time paying job. As for Congress, its more open and less-limited to resource and time to establish laws and start war. Although Congress has more power, both political organizations come together to make one power that simplifies the way good and bad laws should be abolished or established.  These both organizations that run the states and country have share a common political power that makes them unique. By working together, they have the ability to introduce many opportunities to the future of America by establishing laws and creating new ways of living for the people of the United States of America.