Over acquired Skills to be Developed Measuring temperature

Over a large period of time I have complete a variety of
assignments and investigations within Chemistry, Biology and Physics this was
in order to complete units within the BTEC course. There was many techniques in
which were put to the test and also improve and even learned through it all. I
got to use and improve my independent labatoury skills and techniques and doing
this gave me more confidence so if I ever decided to go down the science route
I would have confidence and understanding on how to do things and what’s, what.
The things I investigated during this time was Colourimetry, Titrations and
also Chromatography techniques I was to complete these to complete the units.
Whilst doing these investigations I was evaluating my skills and self and also started
to learn different if not better ways on carrying out experiment, all the
different safety features that needed to be carried out and why also made after
looking back want to apply more into the next hurdle in which arose. Lastly I
must say doing this helped me to identify my strengths within and also my
weakness and what I was struggling on.

Glancing back on my work and seeing my skills when I started
to when I finished I think have improved and widened. I have made a table to
explain more.


Skills I started with

Skills I had acquired

Skills to be Developed

Measuring temperature with a
liquid thermometer.

Being able to measure temperature
using a digital thermometer and gaining more accurate measurements.

To be able to use both more
effectively and to also be able to identify when 1 is better than the other
in different situations.

Weighing Weights to the nearest

Weighing Weighs/mass to 2 – 3
decimal places.

Weighing Liquids


Titrations using a pH meter
gaining knowledge on how to do such experiment and also what it takes to
carry out.

Titrations using different
equipment i.e. different ways of measuring amount of liquid or temperature.

Making Dilutions whilst following

Doing my own calculations for when
I was making my solutions

Making more harder solutions or
just solutions on general.

Working under a teachers

Being able to work independently
with guidance minimised

Able to work independently with
the confidence that I know what I’m doing and why.

Shown above is only a few things in which I knew and also
learnt, there was loads and loads more skills and knowledge in which I had
gained from doing these units. I think I has been very beneficial and has
really helped to advance my skills with in and lab and with experiments. There
are yes many skills in which I have improved on, but I found when doing the
investigations and talking to the teacher about either the investigation or
about a piece of equipment that there was still many, many more skills in which
I could have improved and gained during the given time. Unfortunately time was
not really my friend, But I hope later on down the line I am able to gain more
knowledge and understanding on certain things to give me more confidence in the

I improved my skills overall with titrations, Although I
have much to improve on and do overall it was done well and successful. Now
before I did titrations I had limited knowledge i.e. I only knew some of the
equipment we were going to use and a few other things other than that the whole
topic was new to my mind and one I found was great to learn  and do. I did make a lot of mistakes during
this but eventually I got to grips with it and was starting the learn for the
mistake I had made previously made. Over the time I was able to use a burette
more accurate when measuring liquids and was able to get the correct amount
instead of too much and or too little. I can also use a pH meter better as
before I started I had not one clue on how to use this instrument so I was able
to read what I was being shown and also how to calibrate it so that when it
came to the experiment I would get accurate results and not wrong ones. I made
sure to share my results with others and even combien results, by doing this I
was ensuring that what I was doing was near correct and similar and that my
results were not far off what others had.

Linked the all the experiment I improve my skills with
calibration i.e. Calibration of balance, pH meter I found all hard to start but
after following some instructions and doing a little research I slowly got the
hand of using the instruments. Even using the colorimetry instrument I did find
it hard as I had no previous experience with this instrument but with reading
and a we bit of help I was able to get to grips with it. I look back now and
would say to improve just focus more on the task at hand and make sure to read
stuff more carefully and maybe even try to use more or similar equipment to
gain more experience.

I improved with cooling curves and graphs, I did this by
gaining a better understanding and knowledge of what they are and also how to
draw them and explain them, I.E. gradients and what one point means at a
certain point on the graph. Because at the start I had no clue on what a
cooling curve was or how to do them. Now I have a better understanding and am
able to make cooling curves and know how to read off them and also plot them
when needed to.

I would say independently I was able to trust to an extent
that what I was doing was correct and my results. I did find myself comparing
and sharing with others to stay on the safe side and also found I had to
restart quite a lot of times due to error until I got it which was time
consuming and used time which I did not really have to use. I can say that I
think a vast majority of my results would be correct and right and only a few
to be a little off. I came to realise that working independent is good but I
would say that I would work better in a team as I am able to compare and have
help from others. So a future improvement of being better at independent work
and making sure I fully understand something before I start so that if mistakes
do get made then I can understand why and what to do better next time. I had
overall improve with confidence and to a stage where I could get all equipment
needed for Titrations or chromatography or cooling curves and know how to set
it up and execute. I also learned from discussing with my teacher who went to
university for chemistry how to use certain pieces of equipment and also how to
improve in what i’m doing, I found this important as this expand and help my
knowing and my knowledge. I must say as well I did not realise how important it
was as well to make sure that the area that I was working in was clean. Now
understanding that having glassware left right and center scattered on the desk
and everything untidy really does not work in my favour and leads to incidents
and possible wrong results and other things. 
When I first started I did as possibly stated above have any past
experience with anything in which we were going to do with ended with tme
having to lean new things which needed concentration and listening which I did
but not as good as I should have. I think that a lot more focus and listening
would have been  more beneficial and
could have ended with fewer mistakes and error. 
Lastly I think that over all skills have improved and I think personally
my skills with graphs and numbers and plotting results has improved as I am now
able to plot results and record results in a more understandable and correct
manner and not in a way where when I come to type it all up that I put the
correct results and don’t get muddled and typing the wrong ones.

Completing this unit, I feel a lot more confident from when
I first started and have gain new skills and also improved on existing skills
and have gained a lot more scientific and in lab skills. This is good because
could help me later down the line when doing either other experiments or if I
later decide to venture down the university pathway and decided to take on one
of these subjects or topics then I would have the confidence to do that as I
would of had experience before.