Pastoral literature / tragedies

Pastoral literature
Shepherds and an idealized, rustic landscape used to explore a range of ideas and themes

Chrsitopher marlowe

When did Marlowe live?
He was a contemporary of Shakespeare

Contemporary means…
Someone who lived at the same time as another

What was Marlowe?
A dramatist before Shakespeare was well known

How did Marlowe die?
He was stabbed at an inn

What poem did Marlowe write?
“The Passionate Shepherd to His Love”

Sir Walter Raleigh

Who was Raleigh?
Founder of Virginia

What was Raleigh?
A “renaissance man”-soldier, explorer, poet, philosopher, historian

How did Raleigh die?
Executed for treason

What Poem did Raleigh write?
“The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd”

What is “the Passionate Shepherd to his love” about
A persona asking his love to come live with him and listen to nature

What does the persona offer?
Fine linen, beautiful clothes

the person asks the woman what?
To be his love if what he says is appealing

What is “The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd” about?
The reply of the nymph to the passionate shepherd

How does he nymph feel about what is said and offered?
-There isn’t truth in every shepherds words-she’s not convinced

What is the problem with the shepherds talk?
-When winter comes, everything he talks about will fade-what he speaks is nice but his heart has bad motives

How are the shepherds words?
Foolish and rotten in reason

What does he Nymph decide to do?
She denies the shepherds love

Under what conditions would the nymph consider the shepherds love?
only if things were perfect and all the beauty he spoke of was permanent

What is a tragedy?
A writing in which a character in a high position falls

What does a tragedy deal with?
An event of great importance (kings)

What causes the fall of a character?
a protagonists demise is due to a “tragic flaw” In his own character (greed, list, selfishness, pride, etc.)

Example of a tragedy…
Macbeth by Shakespeare