People watching

Check In the in the Brandon mall, on a Saturday afternoon, the food court is packed with hungry people. The stores are filled with customers ready to spend money. Best of all, the entire mall is full of all kinds of individuals. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and are from all walks of life which can be seen with Just a simple glance. Watching the people in the mall it is easy to see the shapes they come in, both figuratively and literally.

One may see a 300- pound woman in a shirt that is four sizes too small, revealing stretch marks. Her shorts are hugging her thighs like a boa instructor on it prey, allowing the view of cottage cheese under her shorts. Then, a group of teenagers comes around the corner, ranging in size form an 18 year old in a four year olds body too 15 year old in a 30 year olds body. Nearby, a 90-year-old man and his wife are strolling hand in hand. The wrinkles they wear proudly are a symbol of years of wisdom and stress.

The cane he holds is a prop for his weak, fragile legs, which have been worn down from years of hard work. The woman is wearing an old yellow dress with orange and purple flowers that cover the fabric. The dress is a little too old fashioned for today’s society. After viewing the shapes people come in, observing their appearance is sometimes scarier. The easiest way to people watch is to Just look at each person’s stature. The man Just around the corner is about six foot three with a puke green, four- inch Mohawk.

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As if the lime green spikes did not draw enough attention to him, his hands seem as though they can wrap around the mall twice, as for his feet, they look like they were cut off a clown and super glued to him. His tattoos make him a walking art museum. His girlfriend being only five foot three has Jet- black hair and purple tips. She, too, has many tattoos some of which are unmentionable. In the food court at Five Guys, a young woman who appears to be only five foot five and weigh only 110 pounds, orders a burger with all of the toppings and extra fries.

One has to wonder if she is a cow with a four compartment stomach. When watching people, the height and weight are the easiest things to notice. Everyone looks different form everyone else, but the socioeconomic backgrounds they are form also differ. The middle aged man on the bench by the front door, the one with worn, tattered clothes, who almost looks homeless, he has sun- beaten skin, and the stench of a hard days work escapes his shirt when he moves. The young man in a 300 dollar suit, and polished shoes shows that he is a man with money, whether it is mommy and daddy’s, money or his own.

The young teenage mom holding her fussing baby is in the line of everyone’s Judging gaze. Lastly, there is a man in a wheel chair rolling around, never wiping the smile form his face, as if nothing is wrong, showing everyone what life is truly about: living. While at the Brandon Mall one discovered that, everyone comes in different forms meaning body types and psychologically and; all have a different appearance and way of life. Everyone may look different, but everyone has one thing in common: humanity.