PERSONAL a CEO of a company. I would

 PERSONAL STATEMENTAs a young girl, I envisioned myself as a leader. Fond of acting and elocution, I would often playactthe role of a CEO of a company. I would prepare and authenticate self-made documents andaddress an imagined employee audience. As I grew older, this childhood ambition became a drivingforce in the activities I chose to engage in. My undergraduate study was a significant step forward inmy academic endeavors and personality development. With an inclination towards applied physicsand math, I majored in mechanical engineering. The curriculum offered the breadth of mechanicalengineering, spanning design and manufacturing processes to professional practices in engineering.On the other hand, subjects such as e-commerce, industrial finance and enterprise-resourceplanning exposed me to the business side of technology. I realized that in technology business,engineering and management are mutually inclusive. My participation in group and individualprojects and technical seminars provided further fodder to hone my analytical and problem solvingskills. Studying advanced mathematics during engineering acquainted me with calculus, statistics,probability distribution and computational mathematics. In the third year, I presented a reviewreport on the Monte Carlo Simulation applications in project management by utilizing probabilitydistribution models to estimate the best and worst case scenario of task duration.Alongside academics, I have participated in activities which have exposed me to hands-onengineering and management experiences. I was a team member of Orion Racing India, (ORI),Formula Student team of our college that participated in Formula Student Germany (FSG),Hockenheim – a leading formula-style race car design competition. As head of the suspension team,I organized weekly technical discussions which maximized volunteering in the suspension team – amove that proved to be an asset in knowledge sharing and team building. Our team worked onsuspension kinematics, dynamics, fabrication and assembly. The analytical skills I gained byattending vehicle dynamics and MATLAB & Simulink System and Algorithm Modeling seminars wereeffectively applied to perform several iterations of the suspension geometry and to analyze the dataobtained from various sensors on the car. We designed a robust suspension system ahead ofschedule, realizing the power of initiatives and teamwork.Volunteering as the administration head of ORI, I managed matters of sponsorship, finance,procurement, logistics and inventory management. My interactions with local manufacturers toCEO’s of multinational companies enabled me to learn practical lessons on communication,marketing and public relations. As the publicity head of Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)chapter, I spearheaded its promotional activities, arousing awareness in the student communityabout the activities of SAE. For my contributions to SAE and ORI, I was awarded “Woman Achieverof 2011” by my college. My participation in FSG 2011 exposed me to diverse cultures, widened mynetwork and fostered in me an international perspective. We showcased our car alongside 120teams representing 75 countries and felt an all pervading spirit of competition and cooperation.This experience nurtured in me feelings of being a part of an interconnected world community.My first industry exposure was as an Intern at ACEVIN Solutions, Mumbai, where I was part of ateam on testing and implementation of GSM/GPRS interface of vehicle tracking systems using GPStechnology. My participation in this project enabled me to witness an amalgamation of technologywith business. As a materials engineer in Aker Solutions, I have been contributing to the core teamon the design of state of the art purified terepthalic acid manufacturing project, which is the biggestplant of its kind in the world. On this project, I have independently engineered a unique and costeffective 5-way diverter valve assembly design, which can perform functions of multiple valvessimultaneously. Ascertaining the critical path of an Inland Multipurpose Chemical Terminal, Ischeduled the project through phases of engineering, procurement and construction. Performingsuch a crucial analysis presented an opportunity to understand the chain of engineering processesinterconnecting the piping, civil, mechanical and instrumentation departments. My otherresponsibilities include project coordination, information exchange and liaising with clients, vendorand inter-department colleagues. It is here that I appreciated the nature of complexities involved inour project management consisting of Aker Solutions alongside a consortium of British processlicensor, Korean consultant and Dutch project management consultant. My exposures to number ofpolicy decisions and management functions at various levels of hierarchy have added furtherimpetus to my inclination for management studies.My work accomplishments have given me immense satisfaction and have strengthened my resolveto contribute to industry and society in more significant ways. Armed with technical and managerialexperiences, I feel I have prepared myself well to be able to work in an increasingly responsibleposition. I am now looking for an academic experience that can bridge my interests in engineeringand management as well as help develop innovative skills to initiate me into a leadership role in atechnical industry. In my capacity as a leader, I plan to focus my energy to motivate people, improvework culture and inter-personal relationships, and implement innovations and ideas into ethicbasedbusiness opportunities. This is going to be a self-fulfilling career goal of my life.My extensive profiling of universities reveals that the course content of the Management Scienceand Engineering program coupled with its dedicated teaching and research oriented faculty will giveme sound knowledge in the principles and practices of engineering and management. Throughcourses on Project Management by Professor Moshe Rosenwein and Decision Models andApplications by Professor Anthony Webster, I would gain in-depth knowledge on managingtechnical projects & decision making. I would like to get involved in teaching and research activitiesof Professor Guillermo Gallego in the areas of inventory theory & supply chain management.My mission to be a technology leader combines well with the mission statement of ColumbiaUniversity of creating responsible leaders in industry. I can contribute to the program by bringingmy first hand professional experiences and fresh perspectives in group discussions and seminaractivities. Columbia University offers a good platform to promote my objective of expandinginternational relationships. I shall be pleased if the graduate admissions committee considers meeligible for the Masters in Management Science and Engineering at Columbia University.