Personal and Professional Development Plan

Select knowledgeable suitable staff, who can analyses, express ideas clearly and constructively Step Raise questions and utilize questions as platform for generating ideas. Drafting the policy manual objective and applicability 17. e. 2014 28. 02. 2014 Reflect main mission and vision, values with principles of our organization. It must be clearly written and understood by all involved employees and clients. Step Clear consistent proceed rues with other organization policies. Milestone Designing administrative hierarchy With policy manual 01.

March. 2014 5. March. 2014 Clearly outline delegated authorized signatories Administrative diagrams, reporting connection, tasks and outlines of communication Step Attachment of supporting (templates) forms and checklists What is the Third objective needed to achieve your goal? To publicize by what method the work of diverse people inside the department/organization is harmonize/combined Announce the newly created policy and procedures manual to all concerned employees. 01 April. 2014 04. April. 2014 Affix it in places that all employees can notice, such notification boards.

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Distribution via electronic communications, via e-mail – Intranet Step Notification through SMS system to concerned employees. Measurements of compliance Increase with rules and regulation reduce disappointments, verbal inquires , and complaints 01. May. 2014 15. May. 2014 Creation of departmental e-mail account to receive feedback, complaints and further inquiries and suggestions to improve the policies and procedures. Irregularly reviewing and modernize the procedure manual.