Personal Leadership Journey Paper

Most basically a reflection “shows a writers mind at work” as the writer expresses views or feelings about a question, makes observations about a anthropometry problem, or illuminates a unique idea.

Reflection writers reveal and discuss what influenced their thinking, such as life experiences (with your family, during our class, from their work, etc. ), the voices from their past, class readings, and why these are important to you. These other voices and perspectives are not louder or more important than the writers own voice, but connect how the writer comes to the idea(s) expressed in the writing and why these are important for the writer. Reflection is shaped by the thing or things a writer wants to understand – about the world, an idea, or work of writing.

Often the shaping is about not only seeking to understand all three of these things – but to also reflect on how they connect. A reflection does not simply summarize, report on, or describe events or moments. When you are writing in a reflective style you are sharing with the reader the WHY things are important and the BECAUSE behind your thinking of why. (I. E. As a leader think it’s critical to take risks and share opinions that might not be ‘the norm. ‘ The reason believe this is because… _) One of the goals of this course is for you to discover and develop your voice s a leader.

This assignment is one way in which we will journey together to discover this. It’s also one of the ways we seek to understand. HOW IS THIS PAPER IMPORTANT TO YOU? While the paper is a significant part of your grade, it also is the opportunity for you to draw together and examine your thoughts on some of the most important experiences that have shaped you as an individual up to this point. During the first few weeks, our community will begin to explore things that are important to each Of us and how this shapes and defines our personal leadership practice (I. E. Strengths, Values).

In essence, we are asking you to write about, “what are you bringing” to this community. We provide you with five headings; our vision is that you use this as the starting point to write a comprehensive narrative of your personal leadership journey up to this point. Be creative in how you tell your story. Don’t just answer the questions or bullet points as stand alone questions; focus on telling your story. The following key headings and bullet points are required for you to include in your narrative: Heading 1: My Context (15 points) Where do you come from? Where can certainly be geographic (I’m from

Texas, my family immigrated from Kenya, etc. ) but the ‘Whoever” can also be told through the lens of family (l come from a family of 6, or “l really have two families since my parent’s divorce, etc. ) You and your deeper culture. Think back to the Cultural Identity Map you made. What cultures, if any, help define you? It could be nationality, race, religion, orientation Or something less obvious to the eye. Describe the identity that is critically important to you. Heading 2: My People? (20 points) Pick and describe 2-3 people who have been mentors and/or role models for you. What impact did they have on you?

What have they given or taught you? What do you most value about them? Heading 3: My Moments (20 points) Pick and describe some moments that have affected who you are today. What are the 1-2 greatest moments of your life? What do those moments say about you? Tell us about 1-2 moments in your life that caused you to change. What was so powerful about those moments that caused changed? How were you different after these moments? Did the change last? Heading 4: My Failures, Edges and Fears (20 points) We connect by our vulnerabilities What has been your greatest personal leadership failure?

What did you learn from it? What is your “edge” – meaning a place where you want to grow and get stronger but right now you feel like you struggle or are stuck? What are your fears, worries, or insecurities about your life? (NOT: Spiders or Zombies but personal fears) (this part is optional) What, if any, stories do people tell about you that aren’t true? What, if any, stories do YOU tell about yourself that aren’t true? What, if any, stories do you NOT tell about yourself but are true? Heading 5: My Strengths (20 points) Identify your Strength Finder Top 5 results.

Reflect and make meaning of them y providing specific examples from your past where you have been able to demonstrate, or live, your strengths in your experiences up to this point. Give at least one example of each Explain how one or two of your Strengths may show up in your future as part of your leadership life. Writing Mechanics (5 points) Write this paper with zero or few spelling or grammatical errors and little to no incomplete sentences or syntax issue and receive up to 5 points. This paper will be a minimum of 8-full pages in length and a maximum of 14 pages, 12-point font, double-spaced, and with I-inch margins.

Adding a Writing Memo at the End: The last page of your paper should include a short (no more than 2-3 paragraphs) Writing Memo. Use this Memo to tell the Instructor what you want him or her to focus on, what section came easiest for you and what section was the most difficult. Which section/story would you have worked on more? In the memo, note 1-2 things that you really want the Instructor to focus on when grading to support your written work so that you can continue to develop your skills as a reflective writer in this course. (I. E. Did my paper flow in a cohesive manner?

Was I able to explore and expand my depth on hinging to get at the why and not just the what in the My Failures, Edges and Fears section? ) Chance to Rewrite a Portion of Your Paper upon receiving the graded paper back from the Instructor – each student will have the opportunity to rewrite ONE of the Heading Sections from the paper for the chance of increasing their score on that particular section. To complete the rewrite – students should attach the original Heading Section with the Instructor’s notes to their new rewrite of that Section. Rewrites are due within 14 days of receiving the graded paper back from the Instructor.