Personal Responsibility

The major topics are: time management, memory, reading, note-taking, test-taking, creativity, health, legislations, money management, and use of resources”. We have discussed in detail that plagiarism is against school policies and will result in a student being ejected from University of Phoenix. The exercises were in depth so that we would understand the true nature of plagiarism. Plagiarism is using someone else’s work as your own and not giving proper kudos to the person who originally wrote the text. Another skill that is a necessity is computer skills as an online student.

Computer skills are a real necessity as an online student. This writer knows firsthand how important these skills are in an online class. I was not acclimated to Microsoft 8 in the beginning and lost a lot of my work and was totally frustrated. I had to rewrite several papers and actually take a preparation course at the Houston Area Urban League. This writer is more comfortable utilizing Word, Internet, Powering, and different aspects of University of Phoenix web sites college preparatory classes. These skills have been indispensable and have alleviated many problems over the past few weeks for this writer.

Therefore, it is essential to have a complete guide that leads o the success of a returning student. Personal success is the responsibility of oneself to attain the set goals that will help reach a new milestone in this phase of my development. Leafage stated that academic success at the community College, level in higher education, specifically, the role Of students’ personal strength play in contributing thereto The inquiry investigates how resilient community college students from economically and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds use personal strengths to make their learning Reconstruction is a vital part of life.

I am thoroughly excited about returning to school after an eight year interruption. This writer has chosen Criminal Justice which will allow me to work in Juvenile Probation at some point in the near future. This writers’ plan of action at this Juncture is majoring in Criminal Justice Administration with a concentration in Security. At some point I may change my major to Bachelors of Science in Sociology or Human Services (based on a recent medical diagnosis). According to the catalogue online for CA/S I must complete one hundred and twenty hours to receive a Bachelors of Science from University of

Phoenix. In 2005, this writer, earn nineteen hours towards CA/S; along with the few five week courses I would have completed twenty-five hours of one-twenty hours. There are other steps needed to reach these set goals. To facilitate reaching this goal this writer will apply for several scholarships located in the U of P site and Fastest. Com. One of the scholarships is coming due August 8, 2013, so I must get moving quickly. Next step is increasing my contact with my academic advisor, as well as my financial advisor. Spend more quality time using the resources provided by University of Phoenix.

My goals are set for the next year. A bridge over troubled waters has carried me onwards. Ill conclusion Although over the years this writer has endured many trials and tribulations. When dealt a severe emotional blow my husband exercised his rights to commit infidelity in the year of 1997, and November 10, 2005, at 3:00 p m, Mr… Merriam abandons the marriage. The crosses have been heavy, but Jehovah Shalom has carried me through and provided several miracles; in the form of little angels – Keynesian, Deem, Countess, Edema, and Demo. These babies have been saving grace.

All total I have five rancidness and two wonderful, loving daughters and great son-in-laws. Leaving a legacy for my grandchildren is definitely a ram in the bush. Nevertheless, that ram in the bush has come in the guise of University of Phoenix once again. My goals are set in stone and the script has been rewritten. The financial struggle has been eliminated with the help of financial-aid; the only relationships I look forward to are the ones with my granddaughters. This writer is still struggling with the medical diagnosis, but the decisions about school a new career are clear. To whom much is given much is require.