Personal statement for application, medicine

Being a doctor wasn’t the career I wanted to do since early age, rather a path that piqued my interest during my years at university. I particularly enjoyed studying science however I became aware of the big current issues: health inequalities, ageing population, disease outbreaks; and decided wanted a career that confronted these without leaving the field I enjoy most: science and healthcare. The doctor became an obvious choice; was looking for a role that possesses political impact while remaining clinical scientist, Public Health Consultant role ticked all the boxes for me.

During my degree I enjoyed studying Medical Microbiology and Immunology, understanding the process of disease and the impact of policy in controlling disease spread such as vaccination policies intrigued me. I took part in different biomedical investigations ranging from genetic and protein engineering to biomedical diagnostic, including open surgery in small rodents, giving me an excellent academic preparation for medicine.

During the first surgery my rat died before I could complete the practical despite being very careful; this made me ender on the delicacy of life, the ultimate trust patient give to surgeons and consequently the right of appropriate heath facilities to assist surgeons in their challenging tasks. By studying Health Policy, I enjoy the challenge of group activities and constructive discussion, questioning the current health system and opportunity of improvement.

Concurrently I work every weekday as Cardiac Ward Administrator/Receptionist at London Bridge Hospital, working closely with consultants and surgeons left me with admiration and aspect for the genuine sensitivity and respect of doctors not only for the patient but also for the whole team. Became aware of the different activities doctors get involved to improve the hospital efficiency and their power in implementing these changes.

By working in the hospital I learned the less attractive part of working in health care: the long asocial hours, the stress of being responsible of someone’s life and the endless compliance work to maintain standards; however the appreciation of the patient at the end makes it worthwhile. I refined my attention to detail and art of diplomacy by convey messages of doctors to patients and by taking minutes at the MAT meetings.

At my first MAT meeting, I remember being intimidated by the presence of different consultants and other senior staff however my nerves faded away as I was capture by the detailed patient-case discussion of a cardiologist on his latest challenging case, I found myself understanding his logical thought-process, amazed by the unpretentiousness of doctors to recognize their limits hence consult other clinicians and the use of technology s a clear tool used to give an effective and accurate diagnosis, allowing the most effective treatment to be chosen keeping the patient interest always in mind.

Previously I volunteered in SST Thomas’ Hospital Elderly Care unit for a year; I enjoyed listening to the nation’s grandparents with their unique stories about World War II to endless talks about lost rings. I genuinely relished my time in the ward, by assisting the nurses with different tasks from feeding infirm patients to aiding nauseous lady, I became aware of the less pleasant art of medicine which prepared me to the realities of modern healthcare such as the growing demand of our ageing population. Plopped my patience and listening skill and learnt the essentialist of sense of humor and positive approach to life in the healthcare setting. Last December I volunteer in a Nigerian hospital as a laboratory assistant, it was an amazing chance to see how the health system work in a different country and re-enforced my drive to tackle big social issues such as health inequalities. Balancing outstanding academic career and a busy work life is quite challenging forever am still able to enjoy recreational time with friends and family.

At university I am an active member of the ASS society and SAA, where I recently progressed to Advance First Eider which involves me taking the lead of the First Eiders during duties, and delegate workload according to the First Eiders experience. My growing passion for improving healthcare system permitted me to gain, despite the fierce competition, an internship at ASK as a Supply Chain Strategy Intern. It was a rewarding experience as it brought my problem solving skills to a global dimension and challenged my critical winking. Dedicated myself to different projects such as global health re- investment in healthcare in India and immunization programmed and enthusiastically learned the different strategy implemented to deliver medications in different countries. My desire to make the world a better place focusing on healthcare directed me to this vocation; know I have the enthusiasm, capacity and enquiring mind to not only become a doctor and treat individual patients but to take a step forward look at the bigger picture, improving and protecting the health of populations by specializing in Public Health.