Perssuassive Essay

Almost every horror movie that deals with a murderer happens to be a guy. E though women are just as capable as men, men are known to be more violent and evil by nature. Women take extra precautions to be safe because they don’t want to risk getting kidnapped, raped, or maybe even murdered. The main variable ends up being gender when people feel threatened in a public space. This would lead to such scenarios in which race and certain physical features may, with the added boo nuns of being a male, trigger defensive and hostile behavior.

For example, men like Mohair Thompson from the band Quested has had to deal with hostile behavior at different times in his life because of his overpower erring and dominant physical appearance. “l go through hell and high water just to get a accepted,” he mentioned once in an article. This is why first impressions can be very harsh h and/or inaccurate, but it’s the first thing people use to judge and treat someone. Socio TTY has also made popular the idea that the only danger to women is men, just like in the story Just Walk on By… Brent Staples first “victim was a woman” because of racial threatening.

Just because he was black, women didn’t even give him a chance e to truly show who he was and that he meant no harm. This shows that men are know n to be the main threat to a crime. All of these aspects happen in the minds of most Poe plea especially when the exteriors of men express the fact that they are capable of such actions. Secondly, society has had other ways of treating men like threats to other aspects in life. For example, the fact that “old have been conditioned to fear t he young because they will take their jobs” is also well established.

These older men see these younger and at times more capable younger guys who can be a threat and re place them in their current jobs because they have more potential for the job in the future. As well as public transit in which transportation and the ambient within trains an d other public services would suffer in the total number of commuters because of pee pole around them. In which females especially will “give subway goers room” in order to EAI SE their worries and avoid problems, states Elizabeth Jones in her review of a book.

The scenarios might get worse from there so these sort of actions could potential y save peoples lives or just make travel full of an uncomfortable time. In conclusion, the main variable is gender when people feel threatened in a public space because society has evolved to develop the idea that men are the e only possible enemy. This is supported by social profiling and racial stereotyping w thin initial impressions. Given there’s a proper scenario, it can make others go into a hose tile and defensive mentality that can save lives or just hurt others feelings but its worth h the risk if it means being safe.