Peter the sale of some kind of item

Peter was not sure which of several options to
pursue. He knew that his wife and supporters were correct in stating that he
wanted to do too much. Indeed, Peter is a man who wants to save the world and
has at times over done it as he is often left exhausted by the work that he
started with Endri many years ago. There are several options available to Peter
Honey, Endri, and their organization. They could limit their original focus to Lombok,
despite the recent moves into other islands of the region. The organization
could limit itself in terms of conditions treated. But Peter also thought about
not creating limits, but expanding.


Peter also has the options of expanding the
capacity of the organization. One such option was to create more of a social
entrepreneurship program where the profits for the sale of some kind of item
would lead to more money being made so that operations could expand, and as
Peter himself says, “not feel that we are stretched so thin sometimes. Peter
has a lot to think about, as does Endri, in the efforts to help some of the
poorest people in the world.



Lombok is an island to the East of well-known
tourist island Bali in Indonesia. Unlike Bali, however, this predominantly
Muslim island has suffered from a high level of poverty, due in part to its
lack of tourism in the country. However, in recent years there have been
efforts to alleviate the poverty by making Lombok a tourist destination.  Although there has been progress in the
country with the Islamic tourism drive, there are still many people on the
island, particularly in the East, who do not benefit from the tourism as those
from the West part of the island do. This is likely because it is the West side
of the island that faces Bali and many tourists who come to Lombok come by boat
from Bali. There are many hotels and restaurants that have been built on the
West side of the island.


Lombok is a part of Indonesia and this nation is
known to be a fairly poor nation. While there are many who live in cities in the
country who are able to gain economic opportunities, there are many people who
are in rural areas that are suffering. It seems that the nation has faced many
challenges since the Asian Financial Crisis. It was this crisis in the 1990’s
that  “had a devastating impact on
poverty alleviation, causing the poverty rate to slip back from 11 percent to
19.9 percent in late 1998, meaning that much of the New Order’s good work has
been undone” (“Poverty in Indonesia”).  Although there have been some improvements
with the overall economy in Indonesia since the economic crisis, a high level
of poverty remains.


In Indonesia, and in particular in small villages
and rural areas, there are many people who are suffering due to poverty. There
are also many people who are illiterate in the country and the fact that they
have either a poor quality education or no education at all leaves them
vulnerable to health situations. For example, when the people of a remote
village who do not leave their village are not aware of hospitals that are
located at a distance, they often choose to visit traditional healers or pray
for their health instead of seeking lifesaving medical treatment.  The people in some of these villages make very
little money and are a part of the group of individuals in the world who make
less than $2 per day. It is the poverty as well as illiteracy, in addition to
the lack of health knowledge that leads to a situation where many people die
prematurely of diseases that are preventable.