Philippines and Tour

When our professor told us that we will be having a tour in Manila everyone is excited. We pursue to join the tour because we know that we will learn new things and it will be fun. When the time passes and it is already the day of our tour I am so excited. All my things are already packed up and I assure that I don t have anything that would be left. When we arrived to our hotel in Pace Manila, we just washed up and take our breakfast. After that we proceed to our bus and go to our first destination and that is the plant of Missing in Laguna.

But before that we meet our tour guide named ate Reek. She is so joyful person. When we are in the plant we are not allowed to take some photos due to for the safeness of their company. When I saw their plant site I was so amazed because it’s too wide and it is my first time to visit a plant. We take a tour in their plant site, We saw what are the procedures in making a noodles. There were just few manpower in there company due to most of the working procedures are done by the machines. The manpower just supervises the machines.

After we look the plant site we proceed to the buying area of their products. After we buy we take our lunch in mange nasal and after that we rocked to Philippine Stock Exchange. But unfortunately we are late more than an hour due to traffic and they do not accommodate us. That’s why we proceed to our next destination which is the Philippine Trade and Training Center. We got there at the exact time given to us. We have our seminar and they teach us on how to market products and how to create a product more interesting. And also, how to innovate products to more interesting new one.

On our second day of our tour the other block” or bus goes to Bank Central Eng Philippians while our bus goes to divisor. This day is like our “gala day’. We ay things that we need and what we wants. But aside from buying things we look also for opportunities to us as an entrepreneurship. I saw there that have an opportunity to build a business just like selling native products. Because their no one selling products like “abaca bag” in divisor. We keep on walking outside the mall of 168 to look something to buy and something that will be given to our family.

After buying some things we go back to our bus and we take our lunch in Eat all you can somewhere in Guenon City. After eating our lunch we proceed to ABS-CB studio to have a tour. We have an orientation before we roomed around. But before we enter the studio we saw already Ms. DARPA. After that we proceed to the studio of Lagging Kay Agenda and when we are there we saw Ms. AY AI De lass Alas. She is so beautiful. It is my first time to meet an artist. I am so shocked when saw her. And after the LEG tour we proceed to the studio of ASAP and while we are walking we saw Ms.

Koruna Sanchez. As our guide said to us that the Studio of ASAP is the biggest studio there but still it is not the big what I expect in what I saw in TV. And another information that studio is the studio also Of Horned Sweets Home. Hough that they are taping in s real house but I was wrong. And there is many more episodes that was taken there. After that we proceed to the next studio which is the Gangland Gab Vice. We take some pictures there. After that we proceed to the next studio which is the Bet on your Baby.

When we are there they are about to remove the display because the shows was about to end. It has two studios the baby doom and the main studio for bet on your baby. Then after that we go to the studio of TV Patrol and we saw Ms. Kay Broad. The studio was just small and another thing is that when Kayak Kim is avian his weather forecast we thought that he is touching the screen but it’s not its’ just an imagination. After that we room around until one time we saw Ms. Anne Curtis and all of us were shock. She is so beautiful just like what I saw in TV.

We saw also some news caster. After the studio tour we precede to the house of Big Brother it just place at the back of the studio. After that we proceed to Mall of Asia. We will have again our “gala”, just like what we did in divisor we look for something to be given to our love ones. After walking we proceed at the back of MOA which have many rides. We ride some rides here, after strolling in MOA we go back to our hotel and take our dinner and have some rest. On the third day Of our tour and the last day we Stay in Manila.

We check out first before we leave the hotel. After that we proceed to Laguna to have a plant visit in Jollied and Gardenia. When we are in Jollied plantation it is very wide. And also it is quite strict in every vehicle that entering in there company. When we are inside the plant we have first seminar then after that we proceed to the main plant. We were amazed when we saw the procedures in making the products of Jollied. Like the bans, patties, pies and sauce of he spaghetti. It is all machines that works, and only few manpower just like the other company.

After our tour we take our lunch and it is Jollied. After we eat our lunch we proceed to the next destination which is the plantation of Gardenia. Just like the other company it is also wide plant. We take a seminar before we have our tour. After that we proceed to the plant and just like the other company it is more on machines than manpower. When we enter the plant we smell the aroma of the breads it’s so delicious. When we walk around we saw how they mix the flour using a machine, putting it in a an, cooking it and cutting the breads. It is so beautiful place.

After that we proceed to the store where we can buy some of their products. After that we go back to the bus then proceed to Takeaway. The first place we went in Takeaway is the Titter De Maria. It is a chapel where it is my first time to saw the picture of Jesus by just looking in a dot. After that pray for my family and said sorry for all my sins. Then after that we proceed to Palace in the Sky. The view there is beautiful and I buy also some souvenirs for my family. We take some pictures in the view. Less just like you are in Baggie.